25 Sep 19

Learn why Connected Fleets are key - Fleet LatAm Conference

Fleet LatAm Conference attendees turned their focus to Connected Fleets on Tuesday 24 September in Mexico City.


Being the third of four sessions throughout the day, the talks started with Geotab Associate VP and Fleet LatAm advisory board member  *Carlos Castillo and Galooli VP Business Development Shahar Milman talking about the benefits of having a connected car fleet.

One of the topics both emphasized was the importance of Big Data in the world today.


“From a business operation standpoint, big data can be used for predictive insights, improving customer service, assessing risks, and cutting costs. At the fleet level, it can be used to optimize driver compliance and performance, increase fuel efficiency, and reduce CO2 emissions,” said Mr. Castillo.


One interesting way to benefit from data collection was presented by Mr. Millmen, a case study on Galooli’s battery failure prediction technology.


“Approximately 40% of car breakdowns are due to battery failure. As such, we provide a tool to predict end-of-life for batteries. It provides recommendations to extending battery life supports with maintenance planning to optimize fleet operations,” the executive said.

Wrapping up the session was a presentation by Element Fleet Management president in Mexico *David Madrigal about buying and implementing technology for your vehicle fleet. Mr Madrigal pointed out how to approach telematics in a corporate environment and detailed the possible ROI linked to the implementation and use of telematics. "Of course there is an important investment to make but when using the data in a correct way, important savings and results in fuel efficiency, safety and cost-efficiency will be generated."

David Madrigal (source: Fleet LatAm)

Mr. Madrigal's talk was followed by a roundtable discussion with MiX Telematics VP of Latam Michael Geffroy, and three fleet customers talking about the use of telematics in their fleet, being Afredo Luna Leon from Linde, Geronimo Rivera Gama from Unilever and Alberto Lopez Dagnino from Schlumberger. (pictured very top from left to right). All three have a complex vehicle fleet that via the implementation of telematics realized positive business effects for their company. 

*Fleet LatAm advisory board member


Authored by: Daniel Bland