27 Mar 19

Preparing for a greener future: going electric

Fleet adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) is on the rise. With government targets to cut carbon emissions, the continued push to reduce fleet costs, and the increasing choice and affordability of EVs, this trend will only continue.  Now, more than ever is the time for fleets to implement an EV strategy. 

But where to start and what does all this mean for fleets?   

As the move to zero-emissions gains traction at every level of government, private fleets will start to feel the pressure to also switch to EVs when their current fleet reaches the end of its service life. Before switching over to electric vehicles, there are a number of important questions to consider. And telematics can help provide a solution. From selecting the best fit electric vehicle for your fleet needs, to providing an open platform for monitoring both electric and conventional vehicles in one place, Geotab is supporting fleet managers in adapting to this new vehicle type. 

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