6 Mar 19

Welcome to Fleet LatAm board, Luiz Munhoz of MiX Telematics

With more than 500 direct and indirect clients from various market segments in Latin America alone, international telematics company MiX Telematics (present in more than 120 countries worldwide) is creating a footprint in the region which has been growing since it kicked off in Brazil six years ago.

Helping the company expand in Brazil and neighboring Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Peru, and Ecuador is Luiz Munhoz, the company's regional managing director and now one of the newest members of the Fleet LatAm advisory board.

According to Munhoz, the company has solutions for a number of business sectors, including those for urban road transport, highway freight transport, agricultural goods transport, the oil and gas industry, and other logistics services. 

"Although each of these business sectors and all the countries we work in have their own particularities, they have one goal in common which is using our telematics solutions to improve fleet safety and efficiency, all while reducing costs and impacts on the environment," says Mr. Munhoz. 

"As for the advisory board, we are a technology company which could contribute by introducing sucessful case studies, bringing forth innovative solutions, and collaborating with new visions of the future," added the executive. 

Fleet LatAm advisory board members & collaborators ahead of Fleet Europe Summit 2018 (source: Nexus Communication) 

Authored by: Daniel Bland