30 Jan 19

Ronen Barel, Galooli OTO: "Latin America is a large playground"

Part of Smart Mobility is transporting people safely and efficiently, two of the key focuses of Tel Aviv based remote asset performance management and telematics company Galooli OTO. With AI-based analytics at its core, the company provides solutions to equip businesses worldwide with the tools to  translate countless data points into bottom-line solutions.
While the company is already present in at least 35 countries, it is still set on expanding into other markets and Latin America is one of the regions most sought after. Join me in this Q&A with CEO Ronen Barel as we briefly discuss challenges, new products, and company objectives. Mr. Barel is also one of the newest members of the Fleet LatAm advisory board.
Could you first tell us about who your potential clients are?
RB: We target high volume scale companies in our coverage area such as OEMs and vehicle leasing and rental companies, as well as importers and dealers. We have around 5,000 businesses using our solutions today, from security companies to mobile operators and more, some of which are leading international brands. 
What is the biggest challenge of managing mobile assets in Latin America compared to other regions Galooli OTO operates in?
RB: I think that the main challenge is dealing with security issues throughout the region. This creates additional requirements that need to work hand-in-hand with all the other facets of the solution. On the other hand, it also creates significant opportunities that we don’t have elsewhere.
Which countries are you more focused on in Latin America and why?
RB: Our main activities in Latin America nowadays are taking place in Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru and Panama. We have installation bases in more countries, but the volume is less significant. It all depends on demand, competition, our local partners, and more.
Latin America gives us huge opportunities as it is a large playground. Although competition is high, if you have high quality solutions, the market will appreciate them and be open to letting you in.
What is smart mobility to you and how is Galooli OTO contributing to it?
RB: To me, Smart Mobility is a way to transport people from point to point safely and efficiently, and last but not least, in an enjoyable way. I think that a more suitable term is Smarter Mobility, as it is always and will always be getting smarter and smarter.
As for Galooli OTO’s contribution, we provide efficiency and safety. Besides making vehicles safer for drivers and riders, we make fleet operations much more efficient and economical for fleet owners and mobility service providors.  
Do you have any new product launches or recent accomplishments you could tell me about?
We have a few recent and exciting launches, one being a new software platform and mobile application which comprises of deep analytics and monetization related to user behavior. We have also launched a new battery management solution which provides behavior analytics for DC energy powered assets, supporting back up solutions for hybrids and electrical vehicles.
What is the main objective of Galooli OTO in 2019 and how do you intend to achieve it?
RB: One of our main objectives in 2019 is to implement our new solutions in the majority of the 35 markets we operate in today. The second thing we are targeting is to establish ourselves in a few more Latin American markets which we feel have high growth potential.
Authored by: Daniel Bland