16 Feb 22

Aurora, Xpress team up to provide autonomous trucks in the US

 Aurora, Xpress team up to provide autonomous trucks in the US

Autonomous driving tech company Aurora Innovation and asset-based truckload carrier Xpress Enterprises have teamed up in the United States to deploy Aurora Horizon services such as Aurora Driver within US Xpress operations at commercial scale, starting in 2023.

Aimed at optimizing the carriers digital fleet platform Variant, the companies are set on identifying the best deployment strategies of Aurora Driver-powered trucks, seeking to be strategically positioned to address unmet demand and improve operational efficiency and productivity. 

Upon the launch of the Aurora Horizon commercial service, the two companies will also explore application programming interface (API) integrations into Variant, a task which involves both dispatching and dynamic routing.

Through this collaboration, the companies plan to build a future where goods are transported by both human drivers and autonomous trucks. The firms are also exploring new programs aimed at discovering how autonomous technology can create a positive impact on the labor market.

Aurora Driver is a featured technology within Aurora Horizon comprised of sensors, computers, dispatching and vehicle-monitoring software, as well as maintenance and roadside-assistance systems.

Much of the cutting edget technologies we see in automobiles today were first tried and proved in the trucking and aviation industries. 

Authored by: Daniel Bland