10 Jan 24

At CES, ProovStation presents scanner aimed at U.S. rental industry

At CES, ProovStation presents scanner aimed at U.S. rental industry

At CES 2024 in Las Vegas, ProovStation has presented an AI-powered scanner that inspects a vehicle in seconds, aimed at high-turnover vehicle rental businesses in the U.S. 

ProovStation’s scanner is a drive-through portal fitted with eight cameras, which generate a 360° scan within seconds. It takes 300 high-definition images when a vehicle is checked out, and again when it is checked in. 

The scanner compares both sets of images and automatically generates a full damage report. This report includes vehicle information, damage list and tire information. All reports are timestamped, geolocated and secure.

With 5 years of R&D behind it and 200 units sold worldwide, the scanner is already in use at vehicle rental facilities at major airports and train stations throughout 11 European countries and the U.S. More than 28 million scans have already been performed using ProovStation’s technology. 

“Our AI-powered car inspection scanners aim to transform the car rental experience in the U.S. by offering a service that is simple, fast, transparent, secure, and easily accessible”, says Gabriel Tissandier, co-founder and general manager of ProovStation. 

CES, short for Consumer Electronics Show, is an annual trade event in Las Vegas, focusing on innovation in technology. 

Headquartered in France, ProovStation is a leader in AI-assisted automated vehicle valuation. In 2019, they won Fleet Europe’s Car Remarketing Award. It has recently opened an office in Miami.

Image : ProovStation

Authored by: Frank Jacobs