3 Dec 19

Moran David, Mobileye North America: Is disruptive technology good?

Mobileye, an Intel company, is disrupting fleet management around the world but in a good way, according to Moran David who is General Manager for the company’s Intelligent Mobility Solutions Division in North America.

In this brief one-on-one with the executive, Mr. David states that safety is first and foremost, highlights the company’s latest safety solution, and explains how it improves productivity and business success.

Is disruptive technology good?

David: Disruption that is driven by a positive purpose is always good. At Mobileye, safety is our north star. The purpose of our technologies and efforts has always been to fight the global epidemic of road crashes.

From our advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) to our autonomous vehicle solutions, we have made road safety our mission – using disruptive technologies to reduce collisions and protect all road users, for fleets and consumers alike.

Could you give us an idea of one of your safe driving solutions?

David: The Mobileye® 8 Connect™ solution is one of the latest examples of our safety efforts. The collision avoidance system, which can be retrofit in almost any vehicle, brings advanced ADAS features, enabling capabilities like night detection, 3D vehicle detection, and hazardous object detection.

It also features a new management platform that offers fleet managers actionable driver and vehicle insights. In addition, the solution will eventually feature smart ADAS, enabling early detection and system adaptation based on driver behavior, environmental changes and crowdsourced data.

Additionally, one of its most important advantages – the Mobileye 8 Connect system regularly receives over-the-air (OTA) software updates to add new features and improve functionality, ensuring fleets have the most up-to-date safety capabilities.

Are fleet managers more focused on safety, operational efficiency, or something else, and how does Mobileye satisfy this need?

David: At the end of the day, in my view, fleet managers are looking to support the success of their business. With our collision avoidance technology, they can see that things like safety and operational efficiency aren’t independent of one another, but actually go hand-in-hand and in turn contribute to their business growth.

When equipped with Mobileye solutions, a fleet can reduce collisions while simultaneously conditioning its drivers to improve their driving habits, by way of keeping a safe driving distance, avoiding speeding and minimizing lane departure through the system’s visual and audio alerts.

By reducing the frequency and severity of collisions, fleets can see remarkable cost-savings through a decrease in vehicle’s downtime for repairs and substitution costs, loss in productivity and revenue, and significantly fewer insurance claims for collision damage and lower premiums.

Additionally, these benefits not only mean that drivers are safer, but that they are more on schedule and more efficient in their work. After all, safer driving habits also lead to lower fuel consumption and related savings.

Altogether, fleets using Mobileye technology see many advantages that put safety in the driver’s seat and savings in the company’s wallet, allowing managers to focus on their day-to-day work and the success of their business.

Rear-end collisions are the most common type of car accidents. Roughly 1.7 million occur in the U.S. every year.  Photo (source: Shutterstock)

What legislative changes are needed to help facilitate your business?

David: We are in the business of road safety. At Mobileye, we have been perfecting ADAS technology for nearly 20 years and have consistently called for government bodies to aid the standardization of advanced safety systems.

According to a September 2018 AAA study, ADAS could potentially prevent over 2.7mn crashes, 1.1mn injuries, and almost 9,500 deaths each year. In Israel, where such safety systems are mandated, deaths from traffic accidents dropped 13.2% in 2018.

What should we expect from Mobileye in the next few years?

David: The opportunity to further improve road safety on a global scale with our ADAS solutions – through both OEM and retrofit installations – remains significant.

In the coming years, we especially look forward to extending the reach of the innovation and safety Mobileye 8 Connect brings to fleets all over the world. At a high-level, our focus continues to be on improving road safety, as we work in parallel toward building a future of safe, secure autonomous vehicles.

Authored by: Daniel Bland