16 May 19

The evolution towards next generation telematics

Globalmatix’ Alois Widmann demonstrated the value of next gen telematics, focusing on better connectivity with the car and the grid. Nevertheless, Alois warned us about the challenges to overcome: challenges to overcome: multi-brand fleet telematics and the 3 still existing issues (security, reliability, cost).

Here are 3 things to remember:

  1. Speed of data transmission allows for much more values to be shared digitally, allowing for endless new fleet management possibilities. 5G, or transfer at 20 Gbits/second can transmit data sets of up to 1000 values – enough to allow predictive analysis.
  2. Thanks to better connectivity, the savings potential (driver behaviour, speed/rpm, route management, fuel management, insurance premium) for Fleet Managers has improved. Nevertheless, the savings can be offset by the cost of telematics, the lack of end-to-end security and unreliable data transfers
  3. GPS telematics are not sufficient; it needs to be completed by data coming directly from the car’s engine
Authored by: Yves Helven