16 May 19

Implementing telematics: what’s in it for me?

A question that comes back in connected fleets, telematics, cybersecurity,… essentially all new technologies, is the concept of data protection, GDPR and privacy. When experts explained telematics trends at the Connected Fleets Conference, the public was eager to interrupt them and ask the million dollar question: “How do I overcome resistance from my employees and works councils if I want to implement telematics?”

Nikola Vuckovic, EHSS and IFMS Manager at Philip Morris International, set the scene by repositioning the question: “The questions is not only valid for telematics, but is essential in everything a Fleet Manager does. You need to explain to your audience what you, and why you do it. It starts with understanding.”

BDO’s Hannah Massenhove continued with an important point: the timing of change. Hannah recommends to start early and involve an extended audience, especially when implementing something that might be perceived as intrusive by the employees and works councils.

The topic of gamification was raised by a member of the audience; experts agreed that gamification is a tool, but never a strategy.

In conclusion, it seems that a combination of large involvement, explanation, good timing and supporting tools should help the Fleet Manager to implement telematics.

Authored by: Yves Helven