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IFMI Connected - Session 1


Starting: 14 mar 23 - 14:00
Ending: 14 mar 23 - 16:00

About the IFMI Connected

The IFMI Connected Masterclass Series is the first international training programme for fleet decision makers focused on Data, Digitalization and Connectivity.

Through 3 Masterclass sessions (March 14th, March 27th (LIVE) and April 11th, it provides expert education on connected services, the benefits, TCO, procurement processes and tendering.
After completing the 2023 educational series, participants will receive an official certification.

  • For 18 years, the International Fleet Managers Institute (IFMI) has been organising seminars and webinars with an aim to further encourage internationalization of Fleet & Mobility.

  • Renowned within the International Fleet & Mobility Community for its educational, non-commercial approach.

  • Providing information and learnings, via expert presentations , lively workshops or interactive discussions.

  • Each session is a not-to-be-missed opportunity to gain knowledge and learn skills.

  • This programme is dedicated to Fleet & Mobility Managers who are looking to implement connectivity and further digitalize their Fleets

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SESSION 1: How to achieve tangible ROI with insights in telematics data

What is your fleet data doing for you?
That’s one of the most important questions you should have an answer to when deploying a connected fleet. Because gathering fleet data via telematics is not enough. Knowing what you and will do with that data is key to achieve the right ROI and to leverage success in safety, sustainability, and cost-efficiency.

In this session you will hear directly how to achieve a tangible return on investment of your connected fleet programme.


2:00- 2:10 pm CET
Welcome to IFMI Connected
Welcome word and introduction of the IFMI Connected Masterclass, the topic and speakers of the day.
By Steven Schoefs, Editor-in-Chief of Fleet Europe
2:10 – 2:30 pm CET
An insight into the value of telematics data – Expert presentation

To measure is to manage, but only if you have quality data and you know how to extrapolate the data into actionable results. In this session you will learn about the value of connected fleet data and the way to use the data for vehicle fleet management optimisation. 

2:30 – 3:00 pm CET
The ROI of your connected fleet: from soft to hard wins – Expert presentation

It can be tempting to rush into buying a connected vehicle or telematics solution because the price is so attractive, or the solution is promising an easy way to deliver enticing benefits. Instead, it’s key to know what you need and to build the right business case around the soft and hard wins of connected technology, as they will have a different impact on your ROI. 

3:00 – 3:30 pm CET
How to maximise the ROI of your connected fleet - Best practice

The benefits of a connected fleet come from a good strategy. In this session you will hear and learn from a corporate fleet manager how to generate a tangible ROI for your connected fleet.  

3:30 pm CET
Lessons learned & Closing

By Steven Schoefs, Editor-in-Chief of Fleet Europe