Past event16 mar 23

Remarketing Expert Track


Starting: 16 mar 23 - 14:00
Ending: 16 mar 23 - 16:00

About the Remarketing Expert Track

The remarketing Expert Track is a 2 hour event deep diving on the actual supply and demand situation, with expectations with regards to Residual Values. The actors within the eco-system of international remarketing are faced with a diversity of questions which we intend to answer! 

As residual values are at the cornerstone of the fleet and remarketing community, we’ll take a look at current supply and demand situation. What are the remaining supply challenges, and how are they evolving? What’s the impact of last years’ price increases but also how will the recent prices drop(s) for certain BEVs influence the market and our fragile eco-system. All these elements seeking to spot the subtle differences between countries in Europe.

This virtual expert track will be presented in a brand new format, offering answers in a power event of only 2 hours… because your time is valuable, but knowledge is crucial! 

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David Baudeweyns will share the 2023 programme which promises to be exciting with several new initiatives.

David Baudeweyns, Sales Director at Nexus Communication

The supply situation

The last 3 years we’ve experienced a never-seen impact of the supply chain on our industry. Distribution challenges and supply shortages have led to a market decline of 13Mio vehicles registered in the last 3 years versus pre-pandemic levels. Will 2023 be any different? Mark will share his view in a live interview.

Mark Howlett, Head of Corporate Sales & Remarketing at Kia Motors Europe

The impact of changing trim strategies

Car manufacturers have announced to reduce further the complexity of their vehicles. Less grades, less options and a focus on option packages. This would minimise the flexibility to have specific content per country and might bare a risk for residual values. Matt will share the opinion on this trend in general with a focus what this means for UK.

Matthew Freeman, TBC at cap hpi

Outlook on Europe’s Car Markets


Christof Engelskirchen, Chief Economist at Autovista Group

Panel discussion

Our experts panel will further debate about the Residual Value outlook and the impact of supply, powertrain mix changes, price realignments, governmental incentives, and much more. The perfect time to include your questions.

Carlo Siviero, Quattroruote ITA
Denis Knuth, DAT
Maarten Baljet, BF Analytics
Matthew Freeman, cap hpi
Nicolas Carron, L’Argus
Rick Zielman, Autotelex NL

Adding the ideal fleet to maximise residual value

The ongoing rapid transformation makes it more challenging to add the right cars on your fleet being it short term or mid term. Brain explains how Artificial Intelligence and data solutions provides key insights into market trends and product demand, helping you to make better business acquisitions being new or used.

Brian Madsen, Director International at Cars2Click