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Alphabet International: A leading provider of outstanding Business Mobility

Founded in 1997 as a division of BMW Group, today Alphabet is a global leading Business Mobility provider with a broad portfolio of products and services. Alphabet has more than 700,000 cars and light commercial vehicles of all makes under management and is represented in 30 countries.

Strategic Business Mobility Consulting
Alphabet consults with and guides companies in the streamlining and management of their corporate mobility by developing tailor-made solutions that are comprehensive, cost-effective and resource-efficient. An initial consultation analyses current cross-company mobility requirements and anticipates future needs. The Total Cost of Ownership and Total Cost of Mobility are evaluated with the aim of reducing costs.

AlphaCity Corporate CarSharing
AlphaCity is Alphabet's Corporate CarSharing solution. This cost-efficient, on-demand car sharing model enables companies to provide flexible and convenient mobility to their employees with little effort on their part. Alphabet takes care of the entire solution from implementation and employee registration to vehicle provision, servicing and cleaning. Administration is hassle-free thanks to an online booking system and keyless car access and driving.

AlphaElectric eMobility
AlphaElectric is a holistic eMobility solution for the easy implementation of electric vehicles in corporate fleets. In just a few steps, specific mobility needs are met through an in-depth consultation, vehicle selection, charging infrastructure and add-on mobility services. Initially, a thorough evaluation of a company's fleet usage is undertaken during an Electrification Potential Analysis. The resulting fleet profile is the basis for an eMobility plan of action; one that recommends the appropriate combination of combustion vehicles and electric vehicles and the optimal allocation and placement of charging infrastructure.

AlphaGuide is an app with a host of enhanced functionalities that fulfils real customer needs. Clients of the leading fleet management and leasing provider have access to a comprehensive digital mobility partner with travel planning options, customised access to contract data and enhanced service partner search. Users can plan their individual trips using a variety of means, from bikes, to public transportation or a car. Besides finding the fastest itinerary, the app syncs with the user's calendar and real-time traffic information to ensure a smooth and time efficient trip. 

AlphaFlex is the mobility budget solution from Alphabet that benefits both companies and their employees by giving fleet managers full cost control while letting mobility users flexibly decide for themselves which form of transportation to take. Moreover, the hassle-free Business Mobility solution promotes more sustainable mobility options. Companies can set a single mobility policy for all employees and Alphabet takes care of the administration.


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