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Our mission is to deliver convenient, efficient and flexible car usage solutions to companies of any size. Arval designs and implements corporate vehicle top operating leasing and management solutions. Our ambition is to simplify and optimize our clients' vehicle mobility, by providing innovative products and services and by offering specialized advice and support on a daily basis to our clients.

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Apostoli mas einai na parehoyme exypiretikes, apotelesmatikes kai eyeliktes lyseis oson afora to aytokinito se etaireies opoioydipote megethoys. I Arval shediazei kai prosferei koryfaies ypiresies sti diaheirisi stoloy ohimaton. Filodoxia mas einai na aplopoiisoyme kai na veltistopoiisoyme ti metakinisi ton pelaton mas, parehontas kainotoma proionta kai ypiresies kai prosferontas exeidikeymenes symvoyles kai ypostirixi se kathimerini vasi stoys pelates mas.

Arval Products & Services

Arval Long-Term Rental
Companies can lease vehicles of any brand for a period above 24 months, for a fixed monthly payment. Extensive, flexible packs of services are offered to meet customers' requirements.

Arval Mid-Term Rental
Companies can lease vehicles for a period of 1 to 24 months, with next day delivery.

Arval Active Link
The first and unique integrated offer on Telematics. A comprehensive, in-house solution that will boost your daily operations with better insight on fleet performance.

Arval Outsourcing Solutions
A complete driver contact solution including fleet administration support, allowing you to focus on your core activity and to create a strong partnership with Arval. We bring you flexibility and freedom of choice to keep your fleet mobile, satisfy corporate demands and keep your drivers happy. You outsource. We manage. You keep control.

My Fleet Trends
Experience a powerful decision making web-based application, delivering 24/7 online information. Offering full transparency of information at global, regional and local level, you have clear overview and breakdown of the essential fleet key performance indicators.

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