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FleetPartners is a customer focussed leader in vehicle leasing and fleet management. Our customers entrust us with the responsibility of looking after more than 70,000 vehicles across Australia and New Zealand. Our customers include multi-national corporations looking for a corporate fleet solution to individual drivers looking for personal vehicle financing solution. We have been able to satisfy the mobility requirements of the business and private sectors for more than 20 years.

  FleetPartners' head office is based in Richmond, Victoria with sales offices across Australia. Its New Zealand head office is based in Auckland again with sales offices across the North and South Islands. Our customers are supported by almost 500 staff who currently manage 70,000 passenger, light and heavy commercial vehicles. With fleet management specialists' specific to all industry groups, we offer fully maintained and non-maintained operating leases, novated lease, flexible rentals, fleet management, ex-lease vehicle sales and One Call vehicle maintenance booking service.


Fully Maintained Operating Lease

Outsource the residual risks associated with your business fleet

Non-Maintained Operating Lease

An Operating Lease is a cost-effective way to keep your fleet off the balance sheet

Novated Lease

Turn the car expenses of your staff into car savings

Commercial Leasing

When you're looking for fit-for-purpose vehicles and plant equipment

 Other Products

  • Fully Maintained Commercial Lease
  • Non Maintained Commercial Lease
  • Used vehicle Operating Lease
  • Fleet Management
  • Sale and Leaseback
  • Fleet Strategy Framework
  • Salary Packaging


At FleetPartners, we understand that your business and personal needs are different. That understanding has shaped the way we work together

Based on a thorough understanding of our different types of customers, FleetPartners operates three key divisions to better serve you:

 Business Leasing - Australia: This division prides itself on optimising fleet solutions for organisations of all sizes. FleetPartners can work with you to create a hassle-free outsourced fleet solution tailored for your business..

Personal Leasing - Australia: Our personal leasing solutions give you all the benefits of a 'big fleet' but with the quality service of a private club.  FleetPartners can help you to make the most of your take-home pay.

 From the fleet manager of a large organisation to an individual driver looking for their new car, we are in the business of understanding your needs. We specialise in all vehicle types - from passenger cars to heavy commercial vehicles.  With a strong emphasis on delivering an exceptional customer experience, we work closely with our suppliers, partners and customers to ensure the best suited solutions for all our customers' needs.

 At FleetPartners we get it. No one business is the same and problems and opportunities come in all shapes and sizes. However, experience tells us that whilst the order of priority may vary by business, the issues can be grouped in to key themes - at FleetPartners we have the answers.


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