28 juin 18

Audi A4 MY2019: spot the 5 differences

Summer is in the air - reason enough for Audi to revamp its D-segment saloon and break. The term "facelift" is perhaps too strong, however: only the bumpers and the radiator grille are given a make-over.

The main goal of the redesign is to make a clearer distinction between the different equipment levels, such as: Design, Sport and S-Line. For the truly sporty driver there is the S-Line Competition pack, with attention-grabbing accents that do not exactly befit the average fleet car.

No electrification, but CNG

Unfortunately, nothing changes under the bonnet. Unlike its bigger brother, the renewed A4 does not benefit from mild hybrid powertrains to lower its emissions and fuel consumption. The infotainment system remains untouched as well. For a fully digital dashboard you have to upgrade to the A6.

In terms of other alternative powertrains: the current A4 Avant is available with a g-tron engine - basically the 190 hp FWD 2.0 TFSI that has been modified to run on compressed natural gas (reducing its output to 170 hp). The press release says nothing about any changes in this respect, so we expect the g-tron to be carried over.

Picture copyright: Audi, 2018

Authored by: Dieter Quartier