20 juin 18

Volvo S60: built in the USA, no more diesel offer

Following the inauguration of its very first stateside production plant, Volvo has just revealed the saloon model of its V60 estate car, which Fleet Europe test drove just a week ago.

Aesthetically, there are no real surprises. The rear end reminds the beholder of the S90, but its design is much lighter and exudes more swag. Some might even see a resemblance to the Jaguar XE saloon – and that’s not a bad thing. The S60's dashboard is carried over from the V60 and so is the majority of its technical components.

Only petrol or plug-in hybrid

Contrary to the V60, which will be built in Sweden and in Belgium, the new S60 cannot be had with a diesel engine. A logical decision in the sense that most S60s will stay in America or go to Asia, where diesel is not in demand. Only in Europe will some fleets probably regret Volvo's choice.

With the D3 and D4 not being on offer, customers have to choose between the T5 and T6 models if they prefer petrol, or the T6 and T8 Twin Engine models if plugging in tickles their fancy.

The T5 and T6 have not been electrified yet - they do not use a compact 48V electric motor that assists the combustion engine to save fuel and cut emissions. The first Volvo model to be entirely electrified, i.e. no longer make use of non-electrically assisted ICEs, will be launched next year, and so will the brand's very first all-electric model.

Subscribe or buy

Volvo wants to make having an S60 as easy, transparent and hassle free as having a phone. That is why it created Care by Volvo, a high-end subscription programme. The main differences with most private lease offers from other providers is that you get more customisation possibilities, a better equipped car and a higher service level.

Care by Volvo is currently available to customers in Germany, Italy, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, UK and USA. The product was introduced together with the XC40 last year. In Germany, you can have an XC40 T3 Momentum for €699 per month as part of a 24-month/30,000-km contract, which even includes a pick-up service for maintenance and repair.

Picture copyright: Volvo, 2018

Authored by: Dieter Quartier