13 juil 18

New car models entering South America's growing market

New car sales throughout Latin America – as a whole – has been up so far this year, mostly due to South America (home to 60% of the population). Meanwhile, sales should remain firm on into the new year, with high hopes from new car models and updated versions entering the market. 
Here are a few to look out for, according to Global Fleet discussions with a few OEM executives.

“To kick off the second semester, we would like to highlight the launch of the all-new Spin which is being sold in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Peru, and Uruguay, GM executive Marcelo Tezoto told Global Fleet.

Launched on July 4th, it is a four-door cross over wagon with a 1.8l engine that comes in seven versions. It is priced between 63,990 and 84,490 reais (US$16,450 and US$21,720) in Brazil.

Tezoto is the head of GM direct sales in South America as well as a Global Fleet advisory board member.

2019 Chevrolet Spin (Source: GM)


Meanwhile, to make its way into the booming compact SUV market, Citroen will be launching its own model into South America, according to Luiz Eduardo Pacheco who heads corporate sales for PSA Peugeot Citroen in the region.

“In September, we will be launching the C4 Cactus in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay,” Pacheco told Global Fleet, highlighting that the car - in Latin America - has already been made available in Mexico and Chile.

It will have a 1.6l THP flex-fuel engine and be priced to compete with the Honda HR-V and Hyundai Creta. In Brazil, it is priced from 75,000-101,000 reais.

2019 Citroen C4 Cactus (Source: Commons)


Although not a new model, “our Jeep Renegade (compact SUV) will be receiving a few changes, something you will be able to see starting in September,” says FCA Brazil’s coordinator of marketing and sales Paula Martins.

In Latin America, the vast majority of Renegades are sold in Brazil, followed by Argentina in a distant second. It has a 1.8l engine and runs from 69,000-106,000 reais in Brazil.

2019 Jeep Renegade (Source: Quatro Rodas)


Finally, around the first quarter of 2019, Renault is expecting to launch its new pickup called the Alaskan. It will be manufactured in Argentina and sold in Argentina, Brazil, and Colombia,” Brazil sales director Alexandre Souza de Oliveria confirmed.

Although final details on the exact versions and pricing has not been released, the sticker price in Brazil will likely run from 150,000-200,000 reais, depending on the model.

2019 Renault Alaskan (Source: Renault)


Authored by: Daniel Bland