1 fév 17

Opel: Safety First

Safety is an absolute priority for Opel, and its latest generation of models come with both built-in safety features, and a cutting edge automatic alert system.

Firstly, the unique Opel OnStar system watches over the car and its occupants – like a guardian angel. As soon as the system detects a crash, an OnStar operator will try and establish contact with the driver to check if he needs help. If there is no reaction, the operator will inform the emergency services, who receive the exact location of the vehicle. OnStar also helps locate stolen vehicles – since the launch of OnStar in August 2015, more than 15 cars have already been recovered, supported by OnStar.

Subject to the market, a 4G/LTE Wi-Fi hotspot is optionally available. And to make sure even more European drivers benefit from the peace of mind that Opel OnStar brings, the system has just been rolled out to 18 new markets. Not only this, but the service is available in 19 different languages. One of the reasons why customers so much appreciate the Opel OnStar service is also because it connects customers to a competent advisor – not to a machine.

myOpel: safety and convenience

Setting the destination in the onboard navigation system while driving is one of the main reasons for accidents. Via OnStar and the myOpel app, drivers can conveniently program the sat nav from their smartphone. With Destination Download, they simply enter the destination on their phone or select it from the address book and send it to their car at the push of a button.

But even more convenient is to use the Opel OnStar advisor service: you just need to press the blue button, explain to the OnStar advisor where you want to go (e.g. company or restaurant name and city) and the OnStar advisor will automatically upload the information to your embedded sat nav. This is convenience and safety all built into one.

Safety lighting

See and be seen. This simple truth has been taken to new heights by Opel’s engineers. Building on the highly acclaimed LED® matrix adaptive lighting system of the Astra, they have already developed the second generation IntelliLux LED® light for the Insignia: it is even faster, more precise and more power-ful and its high beam now has a reach of up to 400 meters, further improving night time visibility and chasing away the danger of darkness.

The Insignia Grand Sport’s IntelliLux LED® matrix headlights consist of 32 LED segments – twice as many as in the Astra – that automatically and constantly adapt the range and distribu-tion of the light beam to every traffic situation. As a result of the smoother transitions between the higher number of LED® segments, the light patterns can be more precisely adapted, taking active safety to the next level.

The IntelliLux LED® matrix headlights are coming on top of the state of art art safety systems in New Insignia:

  • the Head-up-Display: Driving speed, traffic signs, or navi- gation direction is projected onto the windshield and in the driver’s direct line of sight ensuring that the eyes remain on the road.
  • the 360° camera: Enabling a 360-degree bird’s-eye view and thus facilitates every parking manoeuvre.
  • Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC): Adapting the speed according vehicle in front and automatic emergency braking.
  • Lane Keep Assist with automated steering correction and Lane Departure Warning: Helping drivers to avoid unintentionally drifting out of their lane.
  • Rear Cross Traffic Alert: Detecting objects at 90 degrees from the left or right side behind the vehicle. Very useful when reversing out of a parking spot.

The Insignia Grand Sport comes with a string of top technologies that make driving it safer, more relaxing and more comfortable than ever. These make it the perfect choice for any corporate fleet - your drivers will appreciate it!