23 aoû 17
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Tesla's used-car business booming in U.S.

In its race to become a proper OEM, Tesla is rapidly growing its used-car business, reports Autovista

Tesla's used-car sales for the year to date have surpassed $154 (€131) million. That is already more than the figure for the whole of 2016 ($117.4m; €99.8m). If current trends continue, 2017 sales could end up at triple the value of last year's. 

Tesla ascribes its used-car success in large part to various trade-in programmes. The company is now also actively listing its used stock at Cars.com. 

In its Q2 filing, Tesla said that it “(does) not anticipate meaningful revenue from sales of powertrain or other vehicle systems and components to third parties”, but rather from “sales of pre-owned vehicles (…) as the volume of pre-owned vehicles increases”.

Tesla's ambition to pursue used-car sales outside the traditional dealer model means it is currently engaged in legal battles in Michigan and other U.S. states that ban such direct-to-customer sales. 

For now, the EV manufacturer's used-car strategy is only in effect in the U.S., but due to its overall success it could soon be coming to Europe. 


Image: ReubenGBrewer, CC BY-SA 4.0

Authored by: Frank Jacobs