3 oct 17

Global Fleet Advisory Board Asia is growing

The Asian fleet market is expanding, but not in a consolidated way. Both the Client and the Supplier are looking for ways to improve the maturity of the professional fleet market. This is why GlobalFleet has launched the initiative of the Asian Fleet Advisory Board.

The board members represent different areas of the fleet ecosystem : industry leaders of the leasing industry, large fleet owners and several other automotive suppliers have joined rank. Each of them look at the industry from their own specialisation, country and needs.

A challenging enterprise
Yves Helven, Chairman of the Advisory Board, puts it like this: “The Board is the very first initiative in Asia that aims to create links between the supply chain and the customer without commercial aspirations. We are building a professional fleet community in a very diversified region. The challenges however are there : from a fleet perspective, there have never been initiatives to come together. Most of the suppliers operate only in one country and even the OEM’s tend to isolate themselves from the outside world. We’re not only building a community, we’re effectively changing a mindset.”

It’s all about education
The Advisory Board has set itself different objectives of which education is the main pillar. To quote the members coming from the leasing industry, the client is looking for help to understand fleet management. Educational programs are therefore on top of the agenda, with a focus on the local fleet managers. In collaboration with the supply chain, Global Fleet will be organising different sessions (online and offline) to draw the attention of Fleet Managers with responsibilities in Asia. Yves Helven adds: “We have 2 objectives. Demonstrate the complex Asian environment to the Global Fleet Managers and share knowledge with the local Fleet Managers. We hope that there will be enough interaction between the Global and the Local levels to stimulate each other to attend the sessions.” 

Support needed
Caroline Thonnon, CEO of Global Fleet adds: “We need the support of the Global Fleet customers and Suppliers to activate and enhance the Community creation that we have started up with the Asian Advisory Board. The more people come on board and show interest, the better value we can offer.”

If you are interested in the activities of the Asian Advisory Board and its upcoming activities, reach out to Yves Helven (

Authored by: Steven Schoefs