22 nov 17

Five presentations to optimise your event diary

Five thirty-minute corporate presentations will give the attendees of the Fleet Europe Summit the opportunity to get to grips with some of the hot-button issues in the Fleet industry. Here’s a quick overview of these presentations, all in the afternoon, to help you add the ones you want to attend to your personal diary for the event.

  • 13.45: Next-Generation Fleet Management

Speaker: Parminder Kohli, General Manager Business Development at Shell Commercial Fleet

New technologies, evolving legislation and changing consumer demands are transforming the fleet industry. This session will explore the key opportunities and challenges facing fleet managers & decision makers, looking at how to prepare for the changes ahead.

  • 14.20: (R)evolutionary Leasing – Fleet Financing 4.0

Speaker: Enrique Montoya, New Business Development Manager at ARI Fleet

Multinationals in Europe usually opt for outsourcing their fleet management. The preferred funding scheme is full outsourcing in a closed-end lease environment. But is that model here to stay? One major advantage of operational leasing – it is off-balance for the lessee – will disappear from 2019, when IFRS16 enters into force. From then on, all lease activities must be registered on the lessee’s balance sheet. This may increase the need to look for alternative funding methods – including open-end finance lease, which can reduce fleet cost by up to 20%.

  • 14.55: Smart Cities, Smart Mobility

Speaker: Hervé Girardot, Head of Arval Consulting and Corporate Vehicle Observatory

France, Germany, the UK and the Netherlands have committed to banning the sale of combustion-engine vehicles. Paris, Barcelona, Milan, London and other cities are going even further, banning vehicles to reduce congestion and pollution. Electrification, automation and sharing are creating a mobility revolution, and the automotive and transport industries are the first to grapple with its effects. But Smart Mobility also implies Smart Cities, and also includes the financial services sector. How will these mobility changes impact the urban environment, and how can companies, customers and society create win-wins? According to Hervé Girardot, corporate vehicles are an essential part of the mobility revolution, and Fleet Managers are core to the transformation.

  • 15.30: The Advantages of In-car Technology from User and Cost Perspectives

Speakers: Stéphane Lagresle, Senior Marketing Director Europe at Harman Connected Car Division; and Maarten Baljet, Director Sales and Consulting at bähr & fess forecasts GmbH

More screens, more software, more features: in-car technology is evolving really fast these days. But what added value do they bring to the Fleet Manager, and to the end user? And how do they impact the demand for used cars, and thus their Residual Value? Which technologies should a Fleet Manager care about?

  • 16.05: Key as a Service

Speaker: Raj Sundar, Product Line Manager at Continental

Key as a Service provides a new user experience, meeting the demands of the mobile customers of the future. KaaS offers hands-free access to cars, trucks or buses, by just using a smart device to lock, unlock and authorize engine start, provide lift-gate access and zone functions (e.g. welcome light, approach unlock). It can thus offer innovative use cases around the car key, such as shared mobility services, logistics services or vehicle grooming services.


Authored by: Céline Gilson