29 nov 18

Global Fleet Manager Club meets (and learns) at Barcelona

One of the highlighted events at the 2018 Fleet Europe Summit was the second meeting of the Global Fleet Managers Club – a community for sharing best practices among global fleet and mobility customers. 

A select group of 25 global and regional fleet managers met to discuss the transformation of the fleet paradigm into a mobility ecosystem, and the complexity of delivering such a broader mobility programme – especially at international level. 

Increasing complexity
That complexity is increasing by a variety of causes. Fleet managers face changing employee demands, the takeoff and growth of digitisation and connectivity, the move towards mobility, the introduction of alternative powertrains, and the need for harmonisation across new markets. That is exactly why sharing best practices and exchanging experiences is crucial for today's international fleet managers. 

That is exactly what the Global Fleet Managers Club is about: it gathers global and regional fleet managers to discuss global fleet trends, to the benefit of all participants. The Global Fleet Managers Club is exclusively for international fleet customers only and has physical meetings linked to the Fleet Europe Summit and the Global Fleet Conference, as well as a series of digital meetings throughout the year.

Interactive workshop
On 26 November in Barcelona, Pim De Weerd (Global Commodity Manager, Philips) and David Omodei (Senior Procurement Engagement Manager Fleet, Microsoft) presented an interactive workshop on How to Mobilise on Mobility. Topics discussed were How to Define Mobility Management, What to Include in the Mobility Budget and The Role of Technology as a Facilitator.

As the workshop demonstrated, the subjects occupying the minds of the fleet managers were many and varied. One thing's certain: there will be plenty to discuss at the follow-up meeting of the Global Fleet Managers Club, planned for the beginning of 2019.

Authored by: Steven Schoefs