20 nov 17

Mirella Juarez, Arrend Leasing: "The real beneficiaries are our clients"

Partnering up with ALD Automotive and Wheels Inc. has been one of the strategic moves to help provide better services for the clients of Guatamala-based automobile leasing company Arrend Leasing.

CEO Mirella Juarez tells us a little about the partnership, as well as some of the challenges, opportunities and upcoming plans of the company.

What are the main services Arrend Leasing offers?

We are the leading vehicle leasing company in Central America and, through our main financial products, we have been supporting economic progress in the region for more than 20 years. Among our products are financial, operational, and full service leasing, fleet management, documentation, and insurance and investment support. 

Could you highlight one the main accomplishments you have achieved since you have been CEO?

I've been the company's CEO for 12 years and the responsibility has been a great challenge. The main accomplishments for me was turning Arrend into a leading regional company, and another would be the partnership we achieved with ALD Automotive and Wheels Inc.

These initiatives have given us the leverage and growth to help small to mid size companies flourish in the region.

Regarding the partnership, could you tell me a bit about how it benefits Arrend?

Well, despite being very important for Arrend, the real beneficiaries are our clients. By enabling them to standardize their vehicle fleets across multiple countries, they have the differentiating factor in regional and international markets.

As our clients are now assured to receive the same ALD/Wheels service regardless of the country in the Central American, this has given them the confidence they need and this is a huge advantage that none of our competitors can give them in Central America.

Which country in Arrend Leasing's coverage area has the most opportunity, and why?

For Arrend, the country with the most opportunity is Guatemala. Besides having the highest GDP in Central America, the stable conditions of its government and economy as well as its aging fleet are positive factors. 

Not only does this give us the opportunity to increase the number of vehicles in our fleet, it opens up other new job opportunities.

And which country poses the most challenge?

Costa Rica presents the greatest challenges. Although its leasing market is one of the most mature, it is fairly new for Arrend. The country is home to a number of multinational companies and they demand a higher quality of service and seek more innovation.

What are the challenges and objectives you see for 2018 and beyond?

First of all, in 2018, we want to maintain our current 20% year-over-year revenue increase.

We would also like to grow our fleet size to at least 10,000 vehicles by the end of 2020 from the 3,500 we have now. It will be a challenge but we have the experience and support to achieve this.

Authored by: Daniel Bland