16 avr 18

Carmen Davila, Ariza: LatAm expansion plan includes Argentina

Mexico-based fleet management company Ariza created a new job position this year, being Latin America director which was assumed by Carmen Davila, former head of Mexico.

During Global Fleet’s recent interview with the executive, we discussed company objectives and a few tips to optimizing fleet management services.

Ariza is the result of a partnership between the largest fleet management provider in the United States, ARI, and Mexican ground transport group Corporación Zapata.

Global Fleet: You are now Ariza’s Latin America director. What do you expect from this new job position and what’s your main objective for 2018?

Davila: I expect to continue contributing to Ariza’s growth, all while gaining more experience and skills from this new position.

For now, our coverage area is Mexico alone. However, my main objective this year is to kick off our LatAm expansion plan. Initially, we are focusing on Argentina, in addition to Peru. This is why my new position was created.

Global Fleet: There are quite a few companies in Latin America providing services similar to Ariza. What differentiates you from your competitors?

Davila: One thing to point out is that we offer transparency via our unbundled fleet management services solutions, using an open end flexible leasing model with cutting edge technology and tools.

Global Fleet: Could you give us an idea of what Ariza is doing in terms of technology?

Davila: Ariza is developing tools aimed at improving the user experience of its clients. Besides controlling the day to day transactions at the tip of their fingers, these tools will help leverage our client’s positions by enabling fleet managers to make more informed decisions.

Ariza's fleet information platform ARI Insights (SOURCE: Ariza)


Global Fleet: Could you tell me a bit about Ariza’s online driver training (ODT) program?

Davila: The main objective of the program is to address one of the main issues effecting fleet costs, and that is the driver. Through ODT, Ariza wants to make sure drivers are aware of the importance of their driving behavior, recognizing that this not only impacts personal safety, but costs.

With proper use of the program, accident rates are reduced along with insurance premiums, and timely preventative maintenance is accomplished. ODT is a crucial component for fleet safety as well as business productivity.

Global Fleet: Gasoline is the main source of energy for cars nowadays, but the world is in search of more sustainable powertrain alternatives. What is Latin America’s future in this respect?

Davila: That isn’t an easy question to answer as we do not have a crystal ball. Although there are alternative fuels such as biodiesel, electricity, ethanol, hybrid, natural gas, propane and hydrogen, they still pose major challenges in terms of production sources, accessibility to filling or recharging stations, and conversion costs.

We need to pay attention to the evolution of all these alternatives, but I’d say that electricity is one we should really keep an eye on over the next 10-15 years.

Global Fleet: Any last words?

Davila: Sure, choose your vehicles carefully. Consider all tax deductions and benefits you can get from particular models before purchasing as this will impact your business.

Authored by: Daniel Bland