15 nov 17

Mobility platform bynxGO saves Mexican start-up time and money

Fleet Renting is a mobility start-up in based in Mexico. As an indication of its own growing maturity, as well as that of the entire Mexican mobility start-up scene, the company has just selected Bynx as its technology partner. 

As start-ups should be, Fleet Renting is very ambitious: the company aims to be one of the first integrated mobility service providers in Mexico (pictured: Mexico City), both for corporate and private customers. Fleet Renting plans to do so by focusing not just on financing vehicles, but on delivering total mobility. 

Long-established platform

To help the young company with its ambitions, Bynx has delivered a very fast implementation of bynxFLEET, its long-established management platform. The fleet software specialist has done so by using an approach it calls bynxGO. 

bynxGO delivers a highly secured hosted management platform, and does so at great speed. This will provide Fleet Renting with access to a full range of modules, apps, tools and dashboards it can use to manage its business. And it does so without burdening Fleet Renting with the need to host this platform in-house – a crucial advantage in the early stages of business development. 

Full mobility

Ultimately, Fleet Renting hopes, bynxGO will save the company valuable time and money. 

“Drivers want the freedom of full mobility and it wasn’t being offered when we started the company.” Explains Luis Cuenca, managing director, Fleet Renting. “We’ve developed three primary offerings for customers with fleets between 500-1000 vehicles. We chose Bynx because in bynxFLEET we found the SAP of the mobility world.”

Authored by: Frank Jacobs