5 oct 17

Free to attend webinar: Residual Value Outlook - Diesel versus Alternative Powertrains

Diesel, and combustion engines are under fire. Legal and governmental pressure, combined with recent affairs about emissions and testing procedures of diesel cars, raise more and more questions about the future of diesel cars in vehicle fleets.

And although alternative powertrained vehicles are incentives via taxation schemes and already over 200 cities in Europe have a certain LEZ in place, their popularity remains limited and their TCO configuration less attractive than that of combustion engine powertrains.

But questions are raised in terms of future TCO and future residual value prediction for diesel versus alternative powertrains. Therefore we organise a not to be missed Fleet Europe Webinar on 12 October at 2:00 PM CEST, in which you will get answers to your future decisions with regard to adopting diesel vehicles in your fleet.

In this webinar participants will get a better view on the TCO and RV evolution of diesel, petrol and alternative powertrained vehicles with examples and future predictions.

After a short introduction by Steven Schoefs, Chief Editor of Fleet Europe, Dylan Setterfield, Global Senior Forecasting Editor, and Matt Freeman, Managing Consultant, from cap hpi will present you the current situation in terms of combustion engine powertrains and residual values of diesel and petrol vehicles in Europe and the future expectations with regard to the attractiveness of these vehicles.

This webinar will be ended by an interactive Q&A.

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Authored by: Steven Schoefs