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30 mai 18

"The best safety device in a car is a trained driver"

Shedding a totally different light on global fleet management was Lukas Nel, Director Fleet, Safety and Assessments for worldwide Christian relief organisation World Vision International. “I would like to have EVs everywhere, but in many cases it’s already a big challenge to get fuel to our vehicles”, said the charismatic speaker, immediately grabbing the audience’ attention.

World Vision International provides emergency relief, education, health care and economic development support in about 100 countries and reaches out to 100 million people. "For them, the quickness of response is crucial. Getting food, water and medical supplies to remote areas in very rough conditions is a big challenge.”

“Most vehicles are 4x4s and pick-up trucks, but motorcycles are equally important. We own our fleet. The investment value is $150 million and we currently have 24 brands. We are however considering leasing and we have started to reduce the number of suppliers.”

WVI has a decentralised operational structure, but reducing fatalities is the number one priority all over the world. “We have 3,600 full-time drivers and 14,000 staff members driving cars or riding motorcycles. We invest in driver training to change unsafe behaviour, focus on processes and procedures and establish fleet safety guidelines. The best safety device in a car is a trained driver”, Mr Nel explained.

WVI has successfully implemented a train-the-trainer programme. “We had 17 vehicle-related fatalities in 2016, and that number went down to 3 in our current fiscal year, which ends in two months.” Accident and risk reporting is crucial in the organisation’s strategy.


Authored by: Dieter Quartier