29 mai 18

Build your own car sharing scheme

The first day of the Global Fleet Conference was closed with three corporate expert sessions. In one of these, Omoove presented how it is changing fleet management and vehicle sharing. Omoove offers the technological tools to build your own vehicle sharing scheme.

Edwin Maria Colella, VP Mobility Sales & Marketing, Omoove explained the uniqueness of Omoove lies in its combination of insurance telematics, fleet management and car or ride sharing.


Sharemine is an Omoove online platform that replicates the ease with which you can create your own blog or website on services like Wordpress. The same way you can build a website in a few steps, you can set up your own shared mobility site.

There is a public solution that is immediately accessible online, meant for small fleets. This can be used, for instance, to share a vehicle between people in one building, who can use the platform free of charge. For a monthly fee, they can add telematics systems to the vehicles.

There is also a version that can be branded with the client's logos and name.

Enhanced Vehicle Management

Fabio Saiu, Mobility Head of Sales, introduced a second product: Enhanced Vehicle Management or EVM. This is a multimodal MaaS platform, bringing together all means of travel.

It combines tracking, trip analysis, analysis of driving behaviour including eco-behaviour, alerts, vehicle usage statistics, geofencing, diagnostics, maintenance, fiscal reporting and much more.

The session was concluded with an enlightening presentation of the EVM platform dashboard.

At the end of the pre-conference day, Omoove also held a mobility event.

Image: Edwin Maria Colella, VP Mobility Sales & Marketing, Omoove

Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck