3 aoû 17
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NZ company wants 10k e-bikes in Auckland by 2020

A New Zealand company wants to flood the streets of Auckland, the biggest city in country, with 10,000 electric bikes by 2020. 

E-bikes are the perfect solution for traffic gridlock, they are cheaper than the bus – the main alternative form of transport - and they solve the problem of expensive inner-city parking, claims Big Street Bikers. And then of course there are the health benefits.

The company plans to offer the branded bikes to Auckland-based companies via an annual lease, which would include fleet management software, servicing, replacement bikes and safety training. 

The business proposition offered by e-bikes got a boost by a recent report from the NZ Institute of Economic Research, which showed that traffic congestion cost the local economy twice as much as previously estimated, writes the New Zealand Herald. 

Big Street Bikers plan to launch a consumer subscription in September.


Image: Big Street Bikers

Authored by: Frank Jacobs