10 nov 21

Global Fleet Managers Club is expanding with Global Marketplace

The Global Fleet Managers Club (GMFC) is growing its member base and expanding its virtual training for fleet managers. At the Fleet Europe Summit 2021 in Brussels, GFMC Coordinator Benoit Delisse also announced a new tool for subscribers, along with Caroline Thonnon, CEO of Fleet Europe (pictured right) and Steven Schoefs, Editor in Chief of Fleet Europe and Global Fleet (pictured left). 

Today, the GMFC has 156 members, including 124 multinational companies. It is increasing its member base almost every day. The virtual training offered to fleet managers will continue at full speed in the coming months. In 2022, topics will include: managing TCO, the impact of chip shortage, best practices for CO2 emissions, trends in the Global Fleet Management, and more. 

One critical advantage for GFMC members is the Mentor Match Programme, which aims to help fleet managers successfully prepare projects and share best practices. Available to all members of the GMFC, Mentor Match includes video conferencing sessions of minimum three hours, over three months. This period can be extended upon request by fleet managers. 

GMFC offers other exclusive advantages for members, including free access to Fleet Europe and Global Fleet events, and meeting with experts in the fleet industry to benefit from their experiences and share ideas. 

Global Marketplace

At the GFMC, Caroline Thonnon and Benoit Delisse had an exclusive innovation they wanted to present. Because, while fleet managers learned their lessons and discovered opportunities during the pandemic, GMFC has also been quite busy. 

Ms Thonnon and Mr Delisse explained how the pandemic exposed the true needs of fleet managers and what could be done to meet this demand. After months of intense work with Global Fleet Marketplace expert Sahand Malek, the global fleet industry's first-ever Request For Information (RFI) tool is here. 

Global Fleet Marketplace will be the point of reference for fleet and mobility managers who are looking to access all the information they require to improve their operations. Most critically, Global Fleet Marketplace will help fleet managers customise their parameters and provide the best supplier for their needs. 

Vendor information

On Global Fleet Marketplace, fleet managers can define their problem, explore vendor information and compare solutions for that will help them optimise their operations, achieve their targets and increase their efficiency. 
What fleet managers need to do on the Global Fleet Marketplace website is simple: just type in what they need into the search engine. 

Do you want to discover the Global Fleet Marketplace? Click here!

Authored by: Mufit Yilmaz Gokmen