20 jan 23

How to mitigate fleet costs in 2023?

After a year of headaches caused by supply chain disruptions and other socio-economic and political challenges, battered but determined fleet managers are keen to pursue their sustainability goals while avoiding unnecessary costs. To shed light on theories and best practices, fleet managers have the opportunity to gather at the upcoming session of the International Fleet Managers Institute (IFMI) on 14 February 2023. The theme this time is how to increase cost-effectiveness in 2023.

To be remembered as the "year of supply chain disruptions", 2022 was an ultimate test of resilience. With lessons learned, the IFMI is ready to provide the best tips for better cost management in 2023. The total cost ownership (TCO) is rising due to inflation, surging interest rates and the cost of vehicles and energy.

Fleet managers have to deal as well with internal issues and ongoing supply chain disruptions, which are forcing them to be more effective in supplier relations and fleet process harmonisation supported by digital capacities. Compounding these issues, the most challenging factor is again uncertainty, as fleet managers are asking many questions that they urgently need an answer for: 

  • How to better perform supply chain management? 
  • How to increase negotiating power with suppliers and OEMs?
  • How to harmonise fleet processes for better efficiency?
  • How to gather and apply data for better fleet management? 

The virtual gathering of the IFMI on 14 February 2023 (sponsored by ALD Automotive, Arval, Holman, MHC Mobility, SEAT Cupra) will start at 2 pm CET.  

The session is open to corporate fleet managers only. Participants will have the chance to ask questions and gain from the knowledge of expert speakers on the day. To register and get your free ticket, click here.

Authored by: Mufit Yilmaz Gokmen