25 mai 22

Ivor Johnson is the jury president of the 2022 Fleet Europe Awards

“I would encourage all fleet managers to participate in this year’s Fleet Europe Awards competition. Regardless of whether you win an award, you will benefit from going through the process.”

So says Ivor Johnson, Global Fleet Lead at Pfizer. And he would know. Not only is he the winner of the International Fleet Manager of the Year Award in 2011, he was also last year’s Inductee in the Fleet Europe Hall of Fame. To top it off, he will be the Jury President for the 2022 Fleet Europe Awards, which will be presented in Dublin (Ireland) on 17 November.

First off: congratulations! And how does it feel to be jury president for this year’s Fleet Europe Awards for fleet managers?

“I am very flattered to have been asked. I see it as a privilege that I have been entrusted to work with a team of industry professionals to select the next Fleet Europe awards for outstanding managers and innovators.”

In 2011, you won the International Fleet Manager of the Year Award. Last year, you entered the Hall of Fame. What are the benefits of participating to the awards?

“I think the process provides an excellent opportunity to benchmark your company’s programme to the best practices and thinking around fleet management in the industry today. It’s also learning journey for the candidates when they present their programme and are quizzed by the jury members. I remember my first entry, which was not successful. But the experience was educational and motivated me to try harder. Ultimately, the hard work paid off.”

What do you want to see in this year’s candidate applications?

“I’d like to see the journey a candidate and company has undertaken, showing how they have improved the management and efficiency of their fleet. The application should reference their initial goals and achievements, the methods used and the end-result. I am always interested in the governance model and policy, as these play an important part in international fleet management.”

How would you convince fleet and mobility managers out there who are perhaps a little hesitant to take part?

“I would encourage all corporate fleet managers to participate. Regardless of whether you win an award, you will benefit from going through the process. And - speaking from personal experience here - if you don’t win first time, you will be much better prepared the second time around. Applying for an award provides a unique opportunity to gauge where your fleet programme stacks up against the best practices in the market.”

Corporate fleet managers of multinational companies can send their applications for the 2022 Fleet Europe Awards categories until 8 September. For terms and conditions and how to apply, click here.

Authored by: Steven Schoefs