28 fév 24

TCC-CEO eyes growth driven by mining and oil 

The Buenos Aires-based leasing company The Capita Corporation (TCC) anticipates a 20% increase in its fleet stock by 2024 and another 20% by 2025 compared to the previous year, driven by higher demand from sectors such as mining, oil, and agribusiness, Gabriela Tolchinsky, CEO of TCC said. 

TCC offers leasing for cars, agro vehicles, and airplanes, among others. “If the economy recovers even more, we believe growth rates could be higher,” Tolchinsky said, adding that TCC has 5,000 cars financed on leasing, of which 1,500 are of operational leasing. 

Growth from pick-ups 

The mining, oil, and agro-industries are niches that consume very many operational work fleets such as Pick-ups, according to Tolchinsky. “We believe that from these sectors is where our growth will come from,” she said, adding that the stock of executive fleets is also expected to grow. 

“Expectations are good for 2024 because we are deepening the relationship with Ford, we are deepening our intention to increase the leasing business with services and that is an additional offer for our customers,” Tolchinsky added. 

TCC, together with Argentine Banco Comafi, signed an agreement with the automotive company Ford Argentina to serve as the primary leasing conduit for its customers over the next two years. With the alliance, TCC aims to supply between 500 to 1,000 units in the first year, Tolchinsky said. 

Under the deal, TCC collaborates with the Ford PRO business unit to develop a range of commercial vehicles for professional uses including SUVs, pick-ups and utility cars, which will be distributed via its nationwide dealer network.  


TCC is also developing other business lines such as green goods and those associated with renewable energies, including wind energy and solar panels. To develop these projects, TCC is seeking funding to be able to finance them, she said without disclosing further details. 

TCC benefits from the growth in the Argentinian leasing sector. In 2023, the sector recorded $221.2 million in transactions with 4,017 contracts signed, a substantial increase from the $101.7 million achieved in 2022, according to data from Argentina’s Leasing Association (ALA). The transportation and logistics sector accounted for 35.32%, followed by 12.93% from the automotive industry, and 10.95% from machinery and construction, among other sectors, according to ALA.  
This month, Fleet LatAm, the Latin America arm of Global Fleet, appointed Gabriela Tolchinsky, as her newest Advisory Board member. 

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Authored by: Rodrigo Alonso