26 fév 20
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Shell introduces advanced fleet management in India

Image courtesy of Shell - advanced fleet management solutions for India

Aiming to reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for fleet operators and bring together advanced mobility technologies, Shell has introduced a range of progressive fleet management solutions in India.


The system comprises a portfolio of products and services, including high-quality differentiated fuels, fleet prepaid program and telematics to provide better control over operations and increase fraud protection.


Insight-based Global fleet management


Based on insights from over 60 years of global fleet management business and more than six million fleet cards, Shell says it brings a distinctive advantage to Indian fleet owners.


Speaking at the event in New Delhi on Tuesday, Parminder Kohli, GM Business Development, Marketing and Operations for Fleet Solutions, said: “A convergence of new technologies, services and greater connectivity is reshaping the fleet sector, demanding new skills and creating new players and business models. However, fleet owners and managers are struggling to adapt to this transition and face a myriad challenges, the most prominent being staying competitive, high operational costs and increasing customer demands. Our mission is to be our customers’ 1st choice for sustainable mobility solutions. We would like to achieve this through understanding their fleet management problems and then providing customised solutions addressing their pain points.”

Authored by: Alison Pittaway