24 jan 24

APAC Fleet Managers and Supply Chain enter in dialogue at the second Fleet APAC Expert Meeting

Fleet APAC hosted its second Expert Meeting, bringing together industry leaders to explore the role of technology and sustainable practices in fleet management across the Asia-Pacific region. The event featured expert speakers – fleet managers and suppliers – who shed light on the transformative power of data-driven decisions, realistic actions for sustainability, and firsthand experiences from leading companies on their journey towards electrification.

Choose the right enablers, but start now

Mark Bucknall and Jared Ching from GEOTAB emphasized the crucial need for fleet managers to embrace technological advancements. They underscored the significance of making data-based decisions, highlighting the immense opportunities technology presents. In a world driven by information, the ability to harness and leverage data can be a game-changer for fleet management professionals.

Thierry Faure of AYVENS took a pragmatic approach, sharing actionable steps for sustainability within the APAC region. While discussing achievable actions, Faure stressed the importance of implementing policies that include CO2 thresholds and targets. This realistic perspective provided attendees with tangible strategies to make a positive impact on the environment while navigating the diverse landscape of the Asia-Pacific region.

Panel Insights: Nestlé and Pfizer's Sustainable Fleet Journeys

A dynamic panel discussion with Ika Mohd Zawawi (Nestlé) and Szabolcs Kapusi (Pfizer) showcased the sustainability journeys of two industry giants. Both companies highlighted their strides towards electrification and emphasized key steps for success. Importantly, they advised being realistic about electrification readiness in each country, involving stakeholders, creating flexible roadmaps, and celebrating progress along the way.

Originally committed to identifying seven actions for sustainability, Fleet APAC surpassed expectations. The session reinforced the importance of adopting a holistic and adaptable approach to fleet sustainability, encouraging participants to implement positive changes within their organizations.

Connect with Fleet APAC

APAC information is now available on 2 additional channels: Fleet APAC's website (www.fleetapac.com) and LinkedIn page. These platforms provide valuable resources on the region, upcoming events, and expertise opportunities. By connecting with Fleet APAC, industry professionals can stay informed and actively participate in the ongoing dialogue surrounding sustainable fleet management in the Asia-Pacific region.

Authored by: Yves Helven