8 nov 19

First APAC Advisory Board meets in Estoril

At the second day of the Fleet Summit, Global Fleet kicked off its very first APAC Advisory Board. Similar to its LATAM counterpart, the APAC Advisory Board will act as a community of global, regional and local Fleet Managers: a place to discuss APAC strategies, share experiences and learn from other APAC experts.

The main topic of the first gathering is the APAC Fleet Summit (April 2020, Singapore). The members of the Advisory Board discussed the content of the Summit and shared with Global Fleet their challenges in APAC, their concerns and expectations of the Summit.

All agree that the first Summit needs to be an event for the local Fleet Managers, with a focus on the setting a baseline for the next events. In terms of topics, a detailed overview of the Fleet landscape across the region as well as a focus on driver safety is an essential part of the baseline; in addition, financing models across the region, connectivity and mobility solutions will complete the agenda.

The Advisory Board is open to all Fleet Managers with APAC responsibility, regardless of their location or responsibility scope. Fleet Managers who want to join the Advisory Board are invited to send an email to Yves Helven, editor APAC (yhelven@nexuscommunication.be) and Sven van Rossum (svanrossum@nexuscommunication.be)

Authored by: Yves Helven