29 jan 20

Fleet APAC Summit 2020: The Programme

The essence of Global Fleet’s Summits is always about knowledge and network. To make sure that our attendees receive value for their money, – and come back the next year – the editorial team at Global Fleet spends a lot of time building and finetuning the programme; we want it to cover all of the key topics of the region, it needs to be accessible for people with less experience, but still interesting for very experienced attendees. For all topics, we look for speaker that can “teach” and real-life illustrations and business cases to frame the content.

In addition, the APAC Advisory Board, an enthusiastic group of Fleet Managers with experience in the region, helps us build the programme and keeps an eye on its relevance.

Networking dinner

The event will start off on the 8 September with a reception and networking dinner. During the reception, the event will be introduced and a few keynote speakers will frame the content of the main event day.

For the very first APAC edition of the Summit, Global Fleet has selected 4 themes that will be presented by a mix of experts and Fleet Managers.

Fleet Landscape

The APAC Fleet ecosystem is extremely diverse and has few common denominators. From a supply chain point of view, but also culturally and linguistically, it’s a tough job to put together a regional strategy. This is the reason why we’ll be focusing on the as-is situation during the first sessions of the Summit. Experts from both client and supplier side will unveil the Fleet landscape for you from vehicle manufacturing and leasing point of view.

Adapting your strategy to APAC

After establishing the baseline, it’s time to learn how your peers have managed (or not) to translate their vision or global policy into a strategy that works in APAC. They will share with you – in a transparent and honest way – which challenges they have faced and how they have overcome them. We have asked the speakers to share their past experience from different angles: strategy implementation, finance models and fit-for-purpose vehicle selection.

Fleet Safety

Building in safety aspects into your fleet strategy is essential in Asia. Traffic can be dense, infrastructure is not always good and pressure on employees is big. Our speakers are safety experts from the Fleet Manager and Vendor communities. We’ll have a look at safety policies and how to design/implement them and we’ll be talking about how technology can help you achieve your health and safety goals.

Intercontinental Challenge

In order to facilitate the dialogue between participants from different regions, we’ll be introducing a few concepts that are “hot” in Europe, such as mobility and electrification, and test their validity in Asia. Speakers will introduce the concepts, demonstrate why (or why not?) they could work outside of Europe. The audience will be asked to asses and comment on the suggestions.


Visit the the event website for more information about the Fleet APAC Summit


Authored by: Yves Helven