27 mar 24

Fleet APAC Summit Programme: Powering Your Strategic Goals

We are excited to unveil the agenda for the Fleet APAC Summit taking place in Bangkok on June 12 and 13, 2024. Our program is designed to align with your strategic objectives, offering invaluable insights and practical solutions.

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The agenda highlights:

From Establishing Baselines...

At the inaugural Fleet APAC Summit, our focus will be on helping you achieve your strategic goals. The unique identity of fleet management in the Asia Pacific region poses complex challenges for fleet managers; for this reason, we're starting the Summit with the fundamental aspects that demand attention:

  1. Country-Specific Trends: Delve into supply chain dynamics, regulatory landscapes, local practices, and policy implications.
  2. Car Leasing Insights: Explore the lease versus buy dilemma, hear testimonials, and gain insights from CEO panels on the potential and future of leasing in APAC.
  3. Vehicle Selection: Navigate the car manufacturer ecosystem, optimize vehicle selection for specific purposes, and explore the realm of electrification.

...to Crafting Winning Strategies

Building upon these foundational insights, our sessions will transition into a practical mode with "Fleet Strategy at Work." Here, we'll zoom in on actionable strategies tailored to achieving your objectives:

  1. Sustainability: Beyond electrification, explore sustainable practices for long-term viability.
  2. Safety: Address both the human and technological aspects of safety within fleet management.
  3. Total Cost of Ownership: Gain solutions and recommendations to effectively manage and control your TCO.

Fleet APAC Expert Meeting

Eager to immerse yourself in Asia's dynamic fleet ecosystem? Register also for our complimentary virtual event, the "APAC Expert Meeting: Unlocking Success - Mastering Fleet Sourcing and Funding in APAC," via the provided link.


  • When? June 12 and 13, 2024
  • Where? Hotel Anantara Siam, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Attractive Rates at the Summit hotel via this link
  • Agenda and Registrations: Global Fleet Page 
  • Sponsorship opportunities: dbaudeweyns@nexuscommunication.be
Authored by: Yves Helven