13 juin 22
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BrightDrop to deploy AI software to boost fleet optimisation

BrightDrop to deploy AI software to boost fleet optimisation

BrightDrop is acquiring the artificial intelligence (AI) based fleet optimisation software from California-based technology Marain to enhance its last-mile solutions.

Launched by General Motors (GM) just 17 months ago, BrightDrop aims to ease the electrification process of commercial fleets with its Zevo electric vans and Trace e-carts. The purchase of Marain AI-powered fleet optimisation software will enable customers to analyse, forecast and identify multi-modal solutions for their electrification process. 

BrightDrop wants to provide a holistic approach to fleet management. The AI-powered software integrates with the company's last-mile solutions to remove fleets' challenges in managing and applying data, plus better controlling their vehicle assets. Combining AI, machine learning technologies with data analytics and powerful simulation tooling enables Marain's fleet optimisation software to model various complex environments for fleets. Through route optimisation and predictive analysis, the AI tool minimises downtime and maximises uptime, lowering costs and helping manage a seamless 24/7 delivery system. 

The holistic approach of BrightDrop includes building a software platform, plus leveraging data and simulation to demonstrate how new technologies in the last-mile work for commercial fleets. 

Having received more than 25,000 reservations for BrightDrop Zevo 600 and expanding BrightDrop Trace delivery pallets in several industries, BrightDrop is keen to turn opportunities in the $250 bn last-mile market. 

Image: BrightDrop

Authored by: Mufit Yilmaz Gokmen