5 sep 22

Empowering mobility management

Digital transformation in corporate mobility is a growing trend in most industries, yet some companies struggle to keep up, as they lack the internal tools or resources to adapt. In this context, AllRide is a digital platform that, with a comprehensive mobility solution, is helping companies, universities and business centers in Latam to make transportation safer, more efficient and sustainable.

With AllRide organizations can:

  • Centralize, organize and optimize their people’s commute
  • Manage and make a more efficient use of cars and parking slots
  • Reduce environmental impact

AllRide has been gaining traction with an excellent service, competitive costs and high flexibility to adapt to specific requirements from each organization, adding technology to existing fleets or delivering end-to-end services with the fleet included through partnerships with the top transportation players in each market. 

Solutions & Benefits

Significantly improve the travel experience for institutional bus passengers

Through AllRide app, passengers can access updated information on available services, schedules, stops and the real-time location of the fleet on a map. They can also review their experience so the company can have immediate visibility on how their users perceive the service and quickly address any issue.

Control access, measure usage and optimize resources

Ensure only authorized people are boarding institutional buses and for each passenger record the route, date, time, boarding coordinates and assigned seat. You will know in real-time the passenger list for each bus or analyze historical data to identify optimization opportunities. 

Integrate our institutional carpool system

A private carpool network for your organization allows people to share safe car rides with others with similar transportation needs. Improve your organization’s available commuting alternatives by making a more efficient use of hundreds of empty seats that arrive or depart each day from the workplace.

Parking management & booking

Organize and optimize your organization’s available parking slots. Assign slots to specific people or make them available to be booked in advance by authorized users. The service has a built-in priority system to incentivize good behavior and integrate with the corporate carpool service to maximize results using parking priority access as an incentive to share rides.

Having mobility challenges? AllRide is your best ally.

Images courtesy of AllRide.