19 déc 23

The 10 most popular articles in 2023 on Global Fleet

Welcome to our exclusive roundup of the top 10 most read articles on throughout the year 2023. Dive into our collection of impactful pieces that have captivated our audience's attention!

1. How to solve EV charger reliability and power constraints?

The double-whammy of unreliable charge points and limited power capacity at business premises are creating major challenges for large fleets as they rapidly transition vehicles to electric powertrains. Put simply, with vehicle uptime essential for business operations, fleet managers cannot afford to have EVs start their working days with insufficient charge in their batteries. Download our e-Book "Global Fleet Ecosystem" here.

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2. In 2023, the Middle East is pivoting to EVs

In a region famously overflowing with oil (and cheap fuel), you’d think ‘green mobility’ would be low on the priorities list. But  - perhaps spurred on by the locally-held climate conferences bookending this year – Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Egypt are stepping up efforts to get a domestic EV manufacturing industry off the ground. Download our e-Book "Trends in Africa Middle East" here.

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3. The world's best-selling car: What makes Tesla Model Y so successful?

August 2023 marks a unique time in the automotive industry, as an all-electric car, the Tesla Model Y, became the top-selling car globally across over 160 countries. Moreover, Tesla has retained the momentum gained with Model Y as strategic price cuts continue to boost sales. 

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4. China is becoming the grandmaster in hydrogen power

A hydrogen-based zero-emission vision is something that has been introduced previously in APAC. In the mid-2010s, China aimed to create a market for EVs and fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs), while Japan formed the “hydrogen society". Download our e-Book "Your fleet in Asia Pacific" here

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5. Localiza&Co kicks off Mexico operations with new CEO

Localiza&Co (Localiza), the largest vehicle leasing and car rental agency in Latin America, oficially kicked off operations in Mexico on Monday August 21st. Although based-out of Brazil, the company’s Mexico headquarters is in Cancun, and it will be initially supported by offices at airports in Mexico City, Monterrey, and Merida. Expansion throughout the country is planned. Download our e-Book "LatAm Essentials: Transitioning and Futureproofing" here

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6. BYD or Tesla: Who is winning the EV duel in China?

China, the largest EV market in the world, has witnessed significant development in the last two years, as the number of competitors and sales of new energy vehicles (NEVs) spiked, and consumers shifted their attention to hundreds of models offered in a wide range of prices. In such a competitive market, two giants, Tesla and BYD, have come face to face in the Chinese electric vehicle (EV) market; the latter is becoming more confident while the former is trying to cling to specific advantages. Download our e-Book "Sustainable Procurement" here

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7. How to put together your North America fleet policy

Developing an efficient fleet policy can be quite a challenge across large regions, especially in the competitive market of North America where total cost of ownership (TCO) is of utmost importance. Download our e-Book "Fleet Optimisation across North America" here.

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8. The most dangerous countries for fleets

New international road safety data reveals the most dangerous countries for fleets to operate in and highlights the growing risk posed by micro-mobility solutions, such as e-bikes and scooters. Download our e-Book "Global Fleet Survey" here

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9. Colombia has huge vehicle leasing opportunity

There is a huge opportunity in Colombia for vehicle leasing, local expert Hélio Murssa Junior told Global Fleet. “Only 0.5% of the cars sold in the country are done through leasing. About 14% are leased in neighboring Brazil and 26% in Europe so you can see the growth potential,” said Murssa Junior who is the general manager for the Brazil unit of international fleet management company Traxall. Download our e-Book "Leasing around the World" here.

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10. Sean Killen, VP at Geotab: “I want to make myself unnecessary as a manager”

Late last year, global vehicle telematics giant Geotab added two regions to Sean Killen’s job description. The VP for Latin America now also is VP for Asia and Australia/New Zealand. How will he expand business on both sides of the Pacific? By focusing on quality, choosing his battles wisely, and finding the right team: “I look for extraordinary talent, and make sure they don’t need me!’ Download our e-Book "Technology for your LatAm Fleet" here.

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Authored by: Yves Helven