23 sep 20

Connector says Global Fleet Survey confirms that “pure fleet consultancy is obsolete”

56% of respondents to the 2020 Global Fleet Survey use or intend to use the services of independent fleet consultants. “Our clients need more expertise,” says Yves Helven (Connector). Find out the latest trends in fleet and mobility and get your own copy of this extensive survey.

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The Global Fleet Survey analyses the paths multinational companies are taking when it comes to their fleet and mobility strategies. It does so in great detail, with clear graphs and illustrations, giving actionable insights. The 2020 Global Fleet Survey is based on input of no fewer than 113 multinational companies, representing 8.5 million employees and 1 million cars and LCVs.

Yves Helven (pictured), Managing Director at Global Fleet Survey sponsor Connector, gave us his views on three graphs in this year’s survey.

When it comes to reporting and control almost two thirds of respondents rely on the statistics and reporting from their leasing partner, while the other half of respondents say they use their own basic tools like Excel and Access. Are you surprised by these figures and shouldn’t we be more open to innovation?

"It’s not a surprise as fleet managers correctly consider their fleet operations and data as sensitive, complex and fragile. Change consequently comes with a perceived risk."

"Nonetheless, we do see an accelerated shift towards fleet management systems – proper IT tools, and there are a few good reasons for this:

  • Technology has improved a lot and most software providers have evolved from a locally installed tool to a cloud-based tool. This delivers the advantage of data becoming easier to access and easier to upload and consolidate.
  • Connectivity (telematics or simple connectivity) is becoming an industry standard, either delivered by the OEM or through aftersales solutions. This means that there’s a need for storing and consolidating new datasets, which requires a dedicated platform.
  • Finally, Covid is pushing companies towards innovation and efficiencies. Again, technology is the answer to both requirements."

43% of respondents of the 2020 Global Fleet Survey already work with an independent fleet consultant and a further 13% say that they intend to do so in the near future. Do you believe that due to the pandemic and the necessity to look at costs the role and added value of fleet consultants will increase even more?

"This is more a question for the consultancy ecosystem. It’s no longer an option to be “only” an enterprise advisor. Our clients need more: they want the expertise, but also the tech to support the expertise, so there’s a shift in the consulting business model."

"In addition, pure fleet consulting is obsolete. In our business, we need to be experts in fleet, still, but also total rewards experts, technology experts and mobility experts. The mix is becoming more the core competence of our businesses."

When going for smart mobility, cost reduction is not the most important trigger. It’s about sustainability and employee wellness. How can the attention for and the adoption of mobility grow in a context where cost-efficiency is paramount and procurement still rules fleet decision making?

"We’ve always looked at mobility as an expression of “creativity” or “innovation”, but the reality is that it’s a strong savings driver. Our clients have been smart to look past the fluffy surface of mobility and understand that, at the end of the day, it’s about asset utilisation."

"There’s a sweet spot that links procurement strategies and mobility, which is the reduction of the fleet size. In other words, mobility is far from being off the agenda."

Order your copy of the 60-page Global Fleet Survey now!

Image copyright: Connector

Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck