1 déc 22

Decrypt sustainability targets at the Global Fleet Conference VEx 2022

The global priority of nations is a greener future, and the fleet industry directly inclines toward this target. Nevertheless, the few results of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change COP27 are another reminder that challenges are tough to overcome. To that end, joining the Global Fleet Conference VEx (virtual experience) 2022 on 8 December, is a must. 

Too much depends on the success of multinational and international fleets to achieve global zero-emission goals. Yet, from taking the first step to reaching milestones, the sustainability journey is a difficult one.  

According to a recent survey from Shell and Deloitte, 75% of fleet owners have already commenced at least one solution to reduce carbon emissions. On the other hand, almost half of the fleet managers need help interpreting decarbonisation targets in their fleet. 

The Global Fleet Conference VEx 2022, moderated by the Editor-in-Chief of Global Fleet, Steven Schoefs, will be a vital learning experience for fleet managers motivated to accelerate their zero-emission roadmap.

Studying the challenges of sustainability 

Increasing energy prices is just one big concern of fleet managers for the upcoming year. Still, fleet managers determined to stick to their sustainability goals will find essential knowledge in the Global Fleet Conference VEx 2022. 

The third session of the Global Fleet Conference VEx 2022, "Sustainability: Turn going green into an opportunity", will start at 15:45 with the presentation of Laszlo Kiss, Global Category Manager Fleet at Novartis. Kiss, one of the finalists of the Fleet Europe 2022 Awards, will share tips on "turning the number one priority into an opportunity." 

 Fleet managers will have the chance to decrypt the zero-emission goals into their fleet strategy by finding answers to critical questions in their minds: 

  • How to move on with the electrification strategy during the recession?
  • Which components of sustainability adjust to a fleet's needs?
  • How to work with suppliers while adjusting the budgets?
  • How to optimise TCO while pursuing sustainability goals?

Many more are buzzing inside the heads of fleet managers worldwide. Kiss and other industry experts will share their knowledge and discuss many trending questions at the Global Fleet Conference VEx 2022. 

Take advantage of the last learning and brainstorming session of global fleet managers and join us on the 8 December at the Global Fleet Conference VEx 2022 by registering here

The in-article photo shows Laszlo Kiss, Global Category Manager Fleet at Novartis.

Authored by: Mufit Yilmaz Gokmen