9 mai 23

Discover the stellar cast of expert speakers at the Global Fleet Conference

Prominent among the many reasons why you should attend the 2023 Global Fleet Conference (in Lisbon from 15-17 May, tickets still available) is the high quality of speakers at the event. 

For this edition of the Global Fleet Conference, we have assembled a top selection of expert speakers: academics, statisticians, and of course global fleet managers. Because the most important expertise is first-hand experience – and there’ll be plenty of that to share in Lisbon.  

Here’s a quick overview of some of the main expert speakers: 

Guillaume de Subercasaux, Head of Global Indirect Procurement, Schindler

 Guillaume de Subercasaux is the Schindler Head global indirect procurement, managing several categories including Car Fleet & Mobility. Guillaume worked previously in large FMCG companies, where he managed fleets for more than 10 years. He is located in Madrid.

Guillaume de Subercasaux was elected Global Fleet Manager of the year in 2022 and he is the Jury President for the Fleet Europe Awards in 2023. 

Mr. de Subercasaux will speak at 11:40 on 16 May. The topic of his thought leadership presentation: ‘Key prerequisites to successfully reduce costs and Co2 footprint in a turbulent environment'.

Teresa Casulleras, Group Sourcing Manager Services Fleet, Merck

Teresa was elected European Fleet Manager of the year in 2022

Teresa Casulleras is an "Inspiring Women in Fleet" and will give a speech during the breakfeast of the IWIF on May 16 at 8:00.

David Trujillo, Regional Fleet Manager Procurement, MSD 

David Trujillo, Fleet LatAm Manager of the Year in 2022 will be speaking at the the Fleet LatAm Expert Meeting on May 15 and will join a panel discussion on "Fleet Sourcing Across the Globe" at 12:00 on May 16.

Andrea Montuori, Global Category Manager, Xylem

 Andrea is the Global Category Manager for Fleet & Travel at Xylem, where she is responsible for developing and executing the procurement strategy for the fleet and travel categories. Her focus on continuous improvement and sustainability ensures that Xylem can provide vital water technologies and services to customers across 150 countries. Andrea's expertise has enabled her to implement sustainable solutions, reducing the company's carbon footprint and increasing cost savings. With a background in manufacturing engineering, Andrea brings a unique perspective to her role and is committed to embracing diversity and innovation to drive Xylem's sustainable procurement initiatives forward.

At 12:00 on May 16, Andrea will join a panel discussion on 'Fleet Sourcing Across the Globe', will also join the panel David Trujillo from MSD, Paul Jansen form Fleet Forum and Alberto Mancillas Flores from ABB.

Chris Woodcock, Group Fleet Manager, Berlon International

 Chris Woodcock is the Global Group Fleet Manager for Belron International, the world’s vehicle glass repair, replacement and recalibration leader. He has worked in this role for approximately 3 years. Prior to this, Chris has worked in various other roles in fleet across both end user and lease company positions over the last 15 years.Chris is responsible for leading the fleet strategy, with specific focus on procurement, safety and emissions reduction for approximately 9,000 commercial vehicles and 2,500 passenger cars.

Chris will be part of a Q&A expert panel on 17 May with the topic on "Telematics: Net Cost or Net Benefit ?" at 09:45.

Florian Lüft – Director of Sales and Marketing, Envision

Florian Lüft has been Director Business Development of Envision Digital’s German entity since 2020. Envision Digital is a leading Greentech company with a focus on the digital transformation of mobility and energy. In his position, he is responsible for the sales and marketing machinery through the development of new business areas, e.g. the integrated end-to-end charging solution for fleets, real estate and OEMs. He has gained more than 20 years of experience in sales, strategy, marketing and business development in several businesses and in the development of companies with fast growth. 

Mr. Lüft will speak at 15:30 in a panel discussion together with Sabrina Eickelcamp from Mercedes-Benz, Andey Leeden from AstraZeneca and Matthias Schabetsberger from Polestar. The topic is: "How Green is your EV Fleet?" 

Geert Bruyninckx, Global Lead Buyer Mobility & Carbon, CapGemini 

On 16 May at 11:15, Geert Bruyninckx will speak on 'Embedding Sustainability in Procurement'.

José Crespo de Carcalho, Executive Board, President and CEO, ISCTE

Mr. Crespo will open the Conference day on May 16 with a presetnation on 'Near-sourcing: the Recipe for Global Supply Chain Opportunities' at 09:40.

Koichi Inoue – Executive officer, Mitsubishi Auto Lease Corporation

Koichi Inoue joined Mitsubishi Corporation in 1990, and has been seconded to other companies, including Honda, Isuzu and Next Fleet Australia. Currently an executive at Mitsubishi Auto Lease, he can make use of 30 years’ experience in various types of company, providing leadership to the Key Account Sales and the Green Mobility Business Development teams. 

Mr Inoue will be present at the Fleet APAC Expert Meeting on May 15. 

Manuel Tamayo, CEO, Element Mexico 

At 16:00 on 15 May,  Manuel Tamayo will join a pnel discussion around 'Anticipating trends in fleet management in Latam' at the Fleet LatAm Expert Meeting with Kent Bjertup from ALD Automotive and Ricardo de Bolle from Arval.

Paula Diniz Oliveira – Global Head of Fleet, Zoetis

 Paula Diniz Oliveira is an experienced regional facilities manager with a demonstrated history of working in the pharmaceuticals industry. She is skilled in negotiation, facility management, continuous Improvement, fleet management and project doordination. She has been with Zoetis for almost a decade, and before that held positions ast Pfizer, Johnson Controls and Nestlé.

Paula will talk during the Fleet LatAm Expert Meeting on May 15 and during a panel discussion on 'Global Fleet Visibility Made Easy' on May 16 at 14:05.

The Excecutive Panel Discussion 


Don't miss our Executive Panel discussion with Tim Albertsen CEO of ALD Automotive (top left) Shlomo Crandus CEO of Wheels (top right), Alain van Groenendael CEO & Chairman of Arval (bottom left) and David Madrigal EVP & CCO of Element (bottom right) on May 16 at 16:20.

Pilar Madeira – Deputy Head of Consultancy, ALD Automotive 

Pilar Madeira is an experienced professional in the mobility industry having built her career centered on customer experience and innovation. 
Pilar joined ALD Automotive Group in 2003 and over the following years, she held several positions in Sales and Marketing. Pilar moved to ALD Automotive's HQ in Paris in 2017 where she has led ALD Automotive Group’s Customer Experience program and later joined the International Sales team as Deputy Head of Sales. Since January 2023, Pilar Madeira has taken the responsibility of the Global Consultancy team.

At 09:00 on 17 May, Ms. Madeira will join a Q&A Expert Panel with Samuel Kellner-Steinmetz from Fleet Logisitcs, Zakaria Zeghari from Renault. 

Tsuyoshi Takano – Deputy General Manager of Mobility Business Department, Mitsubishi HC Capital

At 13:00 on May 15 is the Fleet APAC Expert Meeting, with Tsuyoshi Takano and many others. 

Zakaria Zeghari, Vice-President Global Sales Efficiency & Fleet, Renault


Mr Zeghari will participate at a Q&A Expert Panel on May 17 at 09:00 - Renault will also have a Thought Leadership Presentation on May 16 presented by Virginie SAUVET-GOICHON  at 10:30.

For more information about the 2023 Global Fleet Conference, the programme and how to register, click here.

Authored by: Bénédicte Crauwels