16 juin 23

Fleet Forum’s Annual Conference: learning from the humanitarian sector

Beyond the corporate’s typical geographic scope, a significant part of the world also needs cars, mobility and the tools to manage them. The expertise however, to provide the right solutions and overcome challenges, is often not available to the corporate fleet manager.  

This is why globalfleet.com is pleased to put forward an event that delivers unique insights into fleet management in developing nations: Fleet Forum’s “2023 Annual Fleet Conference.”

About the organizer: Fleet Forum

Fleet Forum is the world’s only not-for-profit organisation dedicated to cleaner, safer and more effective humanitarian transport in developing nations. They don’t have customers, in the sense of commercial organization, but provide services to, or through “member organisations” such as the World Health Organisation, Save the Children or Red Cross (ICRC).  

Fleet Forum provides fleet management support, operational or otherwise to these organisations. They drive programs to promote social, financial and environmental sustainability in developing markets, but also train people to work independently.

About: "Sustainable Transport for a Better World"

This year’s virtual conference is centered around the different verticals of sustainability: emissions, obviously, but also diversity, safety and supply chain management are part of the line-up. Cherry on the cake is the “Best Transportation Achievement Award 2023.”

Why we’re promoting this event, and why you should join?

First, to fill in the knowledge gap. Developing countries are no longer exotic in a sense that corporates are not present, or not in need of transportation. Companies increasingly explore commercial activities or production outside of the “old world” and fleet managers will need to organize cars whilst respecting global corporate sustainability and safety standards. The humanitarian sector has many years of experience, and is willing to share.

Next, to create community. The corporate ecosystem has the ability to return the favor and share experiences with the humanitarian sector, but the different platforms need to find a crossroad situation to put this in place. It is GlobalFleet’s ambition to contribute and promote interaction; introducing Fleet Forum’s conference is a first step, but there’s more to come!


All the information about Fleet Forum’s event can be found on their website. The event is spread over 2 days, but we understand that your time is precious, so you’ll find our top picks below:

  • Day 1, 16.30h: “How UNOPS collaborate with suppliers on sustainability”
  • Day 2, 15.30h: “impact of type of vehicles and type of fuels” or, during the same breakout session slot “Vison Zero / Beyond Zero Vision in Road Safety. Systematically safe”
  • Day 2, 16,30h: “Waste Management,” a story of human creativity and problem-solving in difficult circumstances

If you need more information, connect with Yves Helven.

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Authored by: Yves Helven