29 mar 23

Fleet Latam Expert Meeting: Deep Dive into Fleet Sustainability

Operating a sustainable fleet in the face of persistent supply chain challenges, rising costs, towering interest rates, and increased risk is testing at the best of times. The role of the fleet manager is evolving into one that’s less to do with managing cars and more to do with finding solutions to these issues, plus organizing and administering mobility - with all of the added complications that come with that. 

Who's it for?

If you’re a fleet manager in Latam, feeling overwhelmed, confused, stressed, or under pressure in any way, we’ve got you covered. 

Sponsored by Geotab and Blink, the Fleet LatAm Expert Meeting is a coming together of minds all focused on the same thing: how to operate an optimized, sustainable and secure fleet in Latin America. 

At each meeting, an expert panel from deep within our industry is drawn together to share ideas, knowledge, experience, and best-practice about the key issues that keep us all on high alert. 

What time?

The next Fleet LatAm Expert Meeting is on 20th April: 

17:00-19:00hr (CET)

10:00-12:00hr (EST)

09:00-11:00 (CST)

12:00-14:00hr (BST)

The Topic: How to ensure fleet sustainability in Latin America.

Fleet sustainability is an imperative that goes beyond CO2 emission reduction or fleet electrification. True fleet sustainability addresses the long-term issues of how to create and maintain a thriving, cost-optimized, environmentally-conscious fleet operation without compromising productivity or customer service. 

The Speakers:

Pascal Serres - President Fleet LatAm

Daniel Bland - Editor for the Americas, Global Fleet

Rodrigo Monroy - Fleet LatAm Manager, Novartis

Pedro Giraldo - Business Development Manager, Geotab

Patricia Baires - LatAm Development Manager, Blink

Karla Beltran - IP Sourcing Manager NAM Fleet, Schneider Electric

Manuel Tamayo - CEO, Element Fleet Management

The Sessions: 

Welcome and introduction - Pascal Serres and Rodrigo Monroy

Picturing the EV Framework - Daniel Bland and Rodrigo Monroy

2023 EV Outlook - Patricia Baires and Pedro Giraldo

How to successfully develop a sustainable fleet across Latam - Patricia Baires, Manuel Tamayo, and Karla Beltran

Q&A and closing remarks

This is an online event and registration is free but tickets are limited. You can register here

Authored by: Alison Pittaway