6 avr 22

Global Fleet Managers Club: "Data is key to control fleet cost"

How are global and international fleet managers dealing with the fleet industry's current challenges? In times of increasing fuel and energy prices and confronted with vehicle delivery issues, controlling fleet cost is more critical than ever. In an exclusive gathering of the Global Fleet Managers Club (GFMC), David Ruzsanyi of IBM,  Gabriela Klazar of Regeneron and Ramón Cano of PMI discussed managing their fleet's total cost of ownership (TCO). 

Global Fleet Managers Club members are counting the days to their next meeting at the annual Global Fleets Conference, which will take place from 2 to 4 May in Lisbon. Ahead the three-day marathon, members of the exclusive club gathered at a virtual meeting to discuss one of the most critical aspects of fleet management.

Meanwhile, the GFMC continues to grow. The club has reached 154 members, operating a total global fleet of more than 1.5 million vehicles. Becoming a member means you have free access to all GFMC meetings and various training sessions and events organised by Global Fleet and Fleet Europe. 

Build skills to manage cost

So, facing increasing prices, an ongoing chip shortage, a festering pandemic, and geopolitical instability, what should fleet managers do? 

Based on the presentation by David Ruzsanyi of IBM, and the panel discussion with Gabriela Klazar of Regeneron and Ramón Cano of Philip Morris International, we can identify the following key lessons:

  • Gathering internal and external data is significant to understanding the trends impacting cost and operating markets. With a robust, well-developed and intelligent system it's even possible to track the efficiency of every single vehicle in the global fleet, helping to make the best decisions over TCO related aspects.
  • Today, even if you don't touch anything, fuel and electricity prices are soaring. So, monitoring fuel consumption is more than a need, it's a must. 
  • Deploying a connected fleet or install telematics comes with a cost, but will bring an increased ROI in these challenging and volatile times, as it will support safety management, reduced fuel consumption and increased fleet productivity.
  • The pandemic is helping convince fleet managers to choose the best vehicles, while drivers' interest in EVs is increasing. Make use of it by accelerating fleet electrification.
  • With extended and long vehicle delivery times, it's good to adapt the policy and give drivers more choices. Why not introduce new smart mobility solutions for specific employee profiles and/or job categories?

The next session of the Global Fleet Managers Club takes place on 2 May at the Global Fleet Conference. Join us in Lisbon to hear from the Global Fleet Manager of the Year, Jan-Hendrik Rauhut of Bayer, and discover your best strategy to cope with TCO and reach sustainability. Register here

Authored by: Mufit Yilmaz Gokmen