17 juin 19

Global Fleet Managers Club meets in Miami

On June 4, during the the 2019 Global Fleet Conference, Global Fleet united members of the Global Fleet Managers Club in Miami for an inspiring evening including a pleasurable dinner, offered by global mobility provider Sixt SE.

With members Pim De Weerd of Philips, Ralf Wessel of AGCO, David Weeks of Mondelez International, Andy Leeden of AstraZeneca, Dieter Westermann of Bayer, Ferenc Hegedus of IBM, and David Hayward of Deloitte, we discussed some of the topics ahead of the plenary sessions of the Global Fleet Conference on 5 and 6 June. 

Japanese restaurant Zuma could not have been more appropriate as a location for this evening, as the discussions made crystal clear that global fleet managers need more insight into the APAC region. It’s still a very complex territory where one is not always aware of the possibilities to manage their vehicle fleet and employee mobility in a harmonised way – and possibly more in line with the international strategy. With Global Fleet we will continue to bring expert and market information about fleet and mobility management in APAC and other regions like Latin America.

Regarding Latin America, we are organising the first Fleet LatAm Conference in Mexico City from 23 to 25 September. During this conference global and regional fleet managers will get insight into the deployment of a regional fleet programme, the need for addressing safety in LatAm, the advantages of a connected fleet, and attention for trends impacting fleet and mobility management across Latin America.   

Equally hot topic in Global Fleet circles is the transformation from Fleet to Mobility. All present Global Fleet Managers Club members are in search of solutions that fit into the larger employee mobility ecosystem. Through pilots and tests in countries and cities, with services like EV leasing, car-sharing, bike leasing and more flexible mobility schemes they examine what fits the profile of their drivers and employees best.

The next Global Fleet Conference will take place on 26 and 27 May in Rome. If you are an international fleet manager and you want to be part of the Global Fleet Managers Club, you are kindly invited to contact Steven Schoefs – sschoefs@nexuscommunication.be



Authored by: Steven Schoefs