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9 juil 20

Global Fleet Survey 2020: EV, mobility and telematics boom imminent

What are the aims and intentions of multinational companies when it comes to their Fleet and Mobility Strategies? For the fifth consecutive year, the Global Fleet Survey answers that question – at length, in detail, and with actionable insights. For this year’s edition, the Global Fleet Survey polled a total of 113 multinational companies, representing 8.5 million employees and 1 million cars and LCVs. That’s a record and constitutes an increase in the Survey’s value as a benchmarking tool for the industry. Order your copy of the 60-page Survey now,

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In all, the Survey consisted of 63 questions, enquiring about corporate buying and strategy intentions for seven fields (listed below with some of the Survey’s results for each chapter):


  • On average, respondents manage a fleet of 9,373 vehicles, for a total across all respondents of 1,062,892 vehicles.

Global Strategy

  • 72% of respondents already manage their fleet with a global perspective and a further 19% intend to do so.
  • Global Fleet is still overwhelmingly led by Procurement teams (63%) but the influence of HR is growing (now at 27%), due to the growing popularity of alternative mobility solutions among corporates based in Europe.

Fleet Management

  • 61% of respondents rely solely on their leasing provider and almost half use their own tools (like Excel and Access).
  • 56% have already worked with an independent consultant, are still doing so or intend to do so.

Finance & Leasing

  • Full-service leasing is the fleet finance solution of choice in all regions except North America. Respondents have trouble finding leasing partners in large parts of Africa, APAC and Latin America.
  • The larger a company’s fleet team, the more likely they are to work with a third-party fleet management company.

Car Manufacturers

  • The top criteria when selecting a car brand are related to price, safety and topics around electrification and emissions.
  • Globally, 25% of respondents believe the number of diesel vehicles will go down by the end of the year. In Europe, 83% expect the number of EVs to go up in the same time period (35% in North America, 19% in Latin America, 25% in APAC, 16% in AME).


  • Carpooling and carsharing are the most popular mobility solutions today. Many respondents are held back by a lack of mobility solution providers.
  • Most fleet managers expect their leasing company to offer mobility solutions. Car rental companies are also high on their list.

Telematics & Connected Vehicles

  • Whilst 22% say they already use telematics where necessary, more than double that figure (59%) say they will implement it in within the next 36 months.


The Global Fleet Survey was conducted from 5 February until 15 May 2020 via online questionnaires. In total, 113 completed questionnaires were used for the analysis.

The questionnaire was designed for fleet and mobility decision makers, with a minimum 1,000 units (cars and LCVs) in operation and organised to understand strategy decisions on both a regional and global level.

Assessing the buying and strategy amongst a significant sample of fleet and mobility managers, the Survey provides a benchmarking opportunity for the wider fleet and mobility community.


The Global Fleet Survey 2020 was made possible thanks to the contributions of Connector, Geotab, Volkswagen Financial Services, Volvo and Willis Towers Watson.


The Global Fleet Survey 2020 can be ordered at a price of €1,250. To order your copy of the 60-page Survey, visit Nexus Communication’s e-shop.

Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck