4 juil 23

Global Fleet Survey 2023: be part of the most essential data collection initiative

The Global Fleet Survey is the most important barometer for fleet managers and the supply chain. With over 1 million vehicles participating, it provides insights on sustainability, safety, cost, supply chain, technology, and fleet organization.

By participating in the survey, you can shape the industry's future and gain exclusive access to results and analyses that can inform your strategies and engage stakeholders effectively. Your insights will help create a comprehensive benchmark report for fleet managers worldwide, allowing you to compare your strategies with global trends and strengthen your case when engaging stakeholders.

Highlights from the 2022 Global Fleet Survey include:

  • Europe leads in adopting electric vehicles, with 90% of fleet operations using EVs. Other regions have lower adoption rates.
  • European fleet operations aim for maximum CO2 thresholds by 2025, with North America and other regions lagging behind.
  • Average CO2 emissions vary by region, with Europe having the lowest and North America the highest.
  • Global fleet teams aim to reduce costs by 5.5% this year through vehicle choice, OEM discounts, and leasing companies.
  • Organizing fleets globally helps streamline processes, reduce ownership costs, and share best practices.
  • Full service leasing is dominant in most regions, except for North America where finance leases prevail.
  • Large fleet customers rely on leasing companies for mobility solutions and are shifting to lower carbon alternatives.
  • Remote work is expected to reduce benefit cars and increase alternative mobility solutions.

Your input counts

The survey is open for corporate fleet managers with a multi-regional scope only; this excludes members of the supply chain, fleet management companies and consultants working for a corporate fleet.

To receive the results first, we invite you to click the link and complete the survey. Your responses will remain confidential and anonymous, and your contribution will make a significant difference in the fleet management community.

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Authored by: Yves Helven